Discovering the Secrets of England’s Most Famous Family in “The Royal House of Windsor”

The Royal House of Windsor

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A Century of The Windsors: Glamour and Scandal

To commemorate the 100th year of the Windsor reign, Netflix unveiled a captivating docuseries in 2017 titled “The Royal House of Windsor.” This six-episode series delves deep into the lives of one of the most famous royal families in history, tracing back to 1917 when they adopted the name “Windsor” instead of their German origin “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha”. What makes this series particularly unique is its access to never-before-seen letters, photographs, and video evidence coupled with expert commentary to paint an intimate picture of the British monarchs.

The Evolution of Royalty through the Windsors

“The Royal House of Windsor” starts in 1917 as tensions grip England due to anti-German sentiment.

Delving into King George V’s decision to change the family name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor, the first episode examines the circumstances that led to this significant transition. It also recounts how the monarchy looked to modernize itself during these turbulent times.

Dynamics, Duties, and Deceit

The documentary details the fascinating stories of the family members who took the throne after King George V – Edward VIII and George VI, including scandals, secrets, and shocking revelations about the royal family dynamics. Commentators dissect everything from Edward VIII’s abdication of the throne to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson, to the prowess displayed by George VI in handling World War II and raising his daughters Elizabeth and Margaret.

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Uncovering Secrets and Scandals of the Royal Household

“The Royal House of Windsor” meticulously delves into each royal family member’s life, with particularly intriguing narratives revolving around Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Diana.

  • Edward VIII: His abdication scandal is well-known; however, this series sheds light on other intimate details of his life. It explores how he was ill-prepared to be King and eventually exiled both in reality and metaphorically from the royal household after marrying Wallis Simpson.
  • Queen Elizabeth II: The longest-reigning monarch in British history has endured her fair share of personal and political upheaval throughout her reign. “The Royal House of Windsor” discusses the rise of Elizabeth II, the challenges she faced during her early years as queen, and various stories of her resilience in confronting the ever-changing social and political climate.
  • Princess Diana: Perhaps the most compelling figure within the show, Princess Diana’s story serves to highlight the mistreatment and pressures faced by those who marry into the royal family. Delving into the many conspiracies surrounding her tragic death, “The Royal House of Windsor” frames Diana’s legacy and the impact it continues to have on the monarchy.

A Docuseries for Both History Buffs and Drama Enthusiasts Alike

“The Royal House of Windsor” creates a perfect blend of historical dives into England’s cherished monarchy and dramatic narration to keep even casual fans engaged. The candid look at the royal family dynamics that the show provides generates an unmatched appeal to learn about long-lost secrets and previously-hidden scandals.

The Past Meets Present in “The Royal House of Windsor”

While the docuseries focuses on historical aspects, it doesn’t shy away from bridging the gap between the past and present as it reflects on the monarchy’s continued evolution today. Instances of comparing Prince William and Harry with their mother, Princess Diana, or discussing recent events such as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s step away from royal duties – “The Royal House of Windsor” keeps viewers enticed every step of the way.

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The show expertly incorporates elements that shine a light on the history of England’s most famous family yet does so in an engrossing manner, offering insights into some of the lesser-known stories and secrets of this fascinating royal household.

In conclusion, “The Royal House of Windsor” is the ultimate spectacle for all those intrigued by the British royal family’s rich history, dysfunction, and resilience that has kept them relevant in modern times.

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