Internet Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller Reflect on their Careers at Virtual College Q&A

Cody Ko

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The Rise of Tiny Meat Gang: From Vine to YouTube Stardom

On February 24, internet comedy duo Tiny Meat Gang (TMG) participated in a virtual Q&A event hosted by the College Union Board. Cody Ko and Noel Miller make up this online phenomenon that has taken social media platforms like Vine and YouTube by storm. Ko began his journey on Vine and eventually transitioned to YouTube, creating humorous commentary videos that have garnered him over six million subscribers across his channels.

Miller, also a former Viner, followed suit and transitioned to YouTube in 2015. As close friends who used to work together, they collaborated by featuring each other in their respective channels. With over two million subscribers today, Miller’s most popular series is “Reading Steamy Tweets,” which frequently includes Ko as a guest. Together, they gained further fame through their reaction series called “That’s Cringe” on Ko’s YouTube channel.

A Glimpse into TMG’s Future Plans

During the virtual Q&A session, Ko gave a hint about TMG’s future plans and shared their desire to continually improve their podcast and advance their careers. Students attending the event engaged actively with the comedians through the chat room, referring to past YouTube videos and sharing jokes that elicited humorous responses from both Ko and Miller. One student even compared Miller’s appearance to Connie Springer from the anime series “Attack on Titans,” making him jokingly call the audience “weebs.”

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Freshman attendee Gracie Cipparulo appreciated the comedians’ genuine authenticity and was glad they didn’t dilute their content, despite being in a school setting. She expressed her surprise at how genuine they were, which added to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Creating a Virtual Connection: Playful Interactions and Serious Conversations

The event maintained a playful atmosphere because both audience members and comedians joked about video backgrounds and audio issues that come with most virtual events. At one point, Ko even mocked his own background, bringing levity to the session.

Despite the light-hearted tone, moments of serious conversation emerged as well. When asked about advice for graduating students hoping to pursue careers outside their fields, Ko stressed the importance of taking small steps toward achieving goals. Rather than focusing on making money right away in an unknown field, he encouraged graduates to open doors patiently through incremental progress.

  • Work toward your passion without pushing to make money right away
  • Take small steps to eventually find opportunities
  • Remain patient as new doors open

A Jovial Ending: The Signal Talks with TMG Post-Event

After the show ended, The Signal reached out to attendees for reactions to the event. Miller teasingly expressed reluctance to give them free publicity, displaying the tongue-in-cheek attitude both comedians are known for in their online presence.

This virtual Q&A session featuring internet comedy duo Tiny Meat Gang—comprised of Cody Ko and Noel Miller—successfully blended entertainment and candid conversation. College students had the opportunity to engage with these popular figures on an intimate level while learning valuable lessons on career paths and pursuing their passions.

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