After ‘Barbie’, Margot Robbie Is Preparing A Movie Based On ‘The Sims’

After 'Barbie', Margot Robbie Is Preparing A Movie Based On 'The Sims'

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Riding the wave of ‘Barbie’s’ global success, Margot Robbie is now setting her sights on another pop culture icon: ‘The Sims’. The Australian actress, who has proven her mettle not just in front of the camera but also behind the scenes as a producer, is embarking on an ambitious project to bring the beloved life-simulation video game to the big screen.

From Virtual Lives to Real Action

While it’s still under wraps whether Robbie will grace the screen in the film she’s producing, the ‘The Sims’ movie project is buzzing with potential. The video game itself is an open-ended narrative, where players control the lives of their created characters, making every choice from their daily routines to their life’s milestones. This unique format raises curiosity about how such a concept will translate into a narrative film.

A Creative Team Ready to Build a New World

To helm this imaginative adaptation, Robbie has enlisted Kate Herron, acclaimed for her directorial work on the Marvel series ‘Loki’s’ first season. Herron, alongside Briony Redman, known for her contributions to ‘Doctor Who’, will co-write the screenplay, promising a creative and innovative approach to bringing ‘The Sims’ universe to life.

A Franchise That Captivated Millions

Since its launch in 2000, ‘The Sims’ has charmed a diverse audience worldwide, selling over 200 million copies and becoming one of the most lucrative franchises in video game history. Its transition from the digital world to the cinematic universe marks a significant moment for fans and the industry alike.

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A Busy Schedule Ahead for Robbie

2023 was a landmark year for Robbie, with ‘Barbie’s’ staggering success, her role in Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’, and her production work on ‘Saltburn’. While she may not appear in any films this year, Robbie isn’t slowing down. She’s gearing up to star alongside Ryan Gosling in an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ prequel, an action comedy set against the backdrop of the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix.

Margot Robbie’s venture into producing a movie based on ‘The Sims’ reflects not just her daring choices but also her keen eye for stories that resonate with a global audience. As she transitions from the colorful world of Barbie to the pixelated lives in ‘The Sims’, Robbie continues to redefine her role in the entertainment industry, promising her fans an intriguing mix of projects on the horizon.

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