July 2, 2020

Signal editors give advice about dealing with finals

To help upper and lower classmen alike, the Signal editors have compiled a list of sure-fire ways to pass your finals and deal with end of semester stress. Here’s how…

It’s really important to study for finals with the right people. If you’re me, or someone like me, these people must be able to keep you awake (crucial) and maybe make you laugh a little (you know, keep it light) without distracting you so much that you can’t actually study. It’s a delicate balance.

— Juliana Fidler

As finals approach, my best advice is to stay away from the library. This might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s the best advice I have to offer. It has been my experience that around finals time the library is nothing more than a bedlam of stress and freneticism. Give yourself a break and find some peace and quiet — that is, unless you’re not into that kind of thing.

— Todd Petty

My finals week survival kit: Açai Machine Naked Juices, MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Peanut Butter Delight high protein brownie bars, Louis CK YouTube clips and Taco Bell. Here’s the plan: Buy and consume the Naked juice and protein bar before you start a night-long study fest. Both are sold at the C-Store. Watch Louis CK when you get frustrated, and go get Taco Bell to celebrate upon completion. My 3.6 GPA doesn’t lie. Although, I’d much prefer cocaine …

— Bobby Olivier

As an English/journalism major, I’ve had to physically sit down to take a final maybe twice. Maybe. I haven’t seen a Scantron since high school. I’ve most likely forgotten how to study, and most certainly have forgotten math. All of it. But I am currently drowning in projects and papers. How do I manage my time? I find a finals fest schedule as fast as I can, and mark in my calendar the free food days. Bagels, pizza, the works. After this, there isn’t much room for any due dates in the tiny calendar squares provided by my super pretentious moleskine planner. So, I eat, blackout during reading days, then go home for Christmas. Somehow my work gets done.

— Katie Brenzel

Get your shit done on time. Just kidding! During finals, just do one assignment or study for one final at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed and after you’re done with each one, reward yourself with something, like a trip to the mall or going out with friends.

— Hilarey Wojtowicz

Find your happy place. I mean this literally — find a good place to study for you — and figuratively. Don’t lose your sense of humor. Take breaks! Listen to music. Try not to stress. You’ll be fine. You’ll be better than fine — you’ll be great.

— Emily Brill

When life gives you finals, make final-ade. It’s just like lemonade, but there are bits of shredded notes in it, so you know its good… I’m just kidding, of course. Study until you can’t study no more, then cry yourself to sleep. Welcome to the real world.

— Laura Herzog

I freak out about finals and stress like nobody’s business until I sit down and make my finals master list — an epic list filled with every paper, project, final and homework assignmnet due in the coming weeks. I instantly feel better and able to handle everything ahead.

— Caroline Russomanno

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