August 8, 2020

SG approves book club

By Megan Kelly
Staff Writer

Student Government (SG) approved a new club, the Between the Covers Book Club, and passed a new bill that would offer current members two levels of membership in SG.

SG approved of Between the Covers Book, making it the first and only official book club at the College. Rebecca Ramp, a sophomore English major, started the club with the goal of encouraging students on campus to read more.

“It’s just a pretty relaxed setting where… you can come if they read the book — or even if they didn’t — and just talk about what they liked about it or what they didn’t,” Ramp said. “I know, personally, why I wanted to start this club is because not a lot of my friends read so I would read a really good book and want someone to talk to about it.”

Students discuss the Between the Covers Book Club (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)
Students discuss the Between the Covers Book Club (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

Members will not have to purchase books since Ramp will pick up copies of the books from the Ewing, N.J., branch of the Mercer County Library herself. Ramp is hoping that once the club’s membership increases, the group will be able to start doing more activities like trivia nights.

Bill BF2016-07 was also passed by SG during its meeting. This bill now offers SG members two different levels of membership: general and associate. Associate members will have to meet a certain level of accountability, as decided by a point system, or they will be dropped down to a general member.

General members will not be allowed to participate in debates, but they will be able to sit in on them. They will also be allowed to sit in on the closed session at the end of every meeting, but the President now has the power to ask these members to leave.

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