Sunday, June 20, 2021

James Mercadante

HIIT me baby one more time; students lead virtual fitness classes

For many, daily trips to the Campus Town gym are an integral part of their routine. Whether they’re lifting weights with teammates, running a mile on the treadmill or completing ab workouts with friends, there is no denying the benefits that exercise brings for students.

COVID-19 is serious. I know — my father had it.

As my father laid on the couch with gloves, flushed cheeks and a mask that covered his mouth, my mother received a call on her phone.

CUB’s Fall concert leaves crowd polarized

Students, friends and visitors huddled around an illuminated stage, feeling the sweltering heat from jumping, swaying and twerking to rapper Megan Thee Stallion

‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack disappoints

The witty, female-empowered, Aaron Spelling franchise of the ’70s that transpired into the 2000 motion picture “Charlie’s Angels” has now given birth to a 2019 revision directed by Elizabeth Banks. Alongside her, Ariana Grande employs her role as executive producer and curator to a soundtrack that sonically echoes the powerhouse blockbuster.

Styles ‘Lights Up’ his truth with new hit

Harry Styles has already proven himself to be the antithesis of today’s pop artist, composing songs that emulate similar styles to The Beatles and Joni Mitchell. Yet, he maintains his own individual sound, now unveiling even more layers to him artistically and personally with a new anthem.

Adjunct professor encourages feminist ideas among students

Right now, humankind is in an epoch-making period where movements like #MeToo and fourth-wave feminism are growing further embedded within many discourses across the nation, and Tina Tormey is employing her feminist aptitude to help students add to the conversation.

People should look beyond dating apps

In college, it's hard enough finding a relationship when you're already busy balancing your academic studies with other responsibilities, which is exactly why dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are so popular among college students.

Martinez makes waves with new album, film

On Sept. 6, Martinez returned with her sophomore album and visual feature film, “K-12,” a bright, pastel paradise occupied with the most dismal, underlying meanings. The 90-minute musical film and album, written and directed by Martinez, can almost act as two separate entities, but are both relative to each other.

‘Euphoria’ proves to be breakout series of summer

Blending powerful performances and painful honesty with glittery visuals and compelling storylines, HBO created the masterpiece that is “Euphoria.”

Flute Choir celebrates classical sound

Once the audience filled up the theater seats, the lights dimmed and the show commenced. Students came out from backstage with flutes in hand, prepared to unveil their talent as both individuals and a choir.

Beyoncé makes triumphant return in ‘Homecoming’

Beyoncé has a tendency to break her quiet spells by dropping new material with hardly any warning, all the while consistently breaking the internet and shaking the Beyhive to its very core.

Billie Eilish awakens audience with eerie lullabies

It’s easy to lose faith in pop music as new artists recycle old chord progressions and duplicate lyrical content. But once in a while, there’s an artist that raises her middle finger to what traditionally sells

Grande album promotes self-love

Just when you thought she was at the peak of her artistic success, Ariana Grande showed off even more new hit content. On Friday, Feb. 8, Grande released her highly-anticipated fifth solo-album, “Thank U, Next,” and may have unveiled her best, most cohesive body of work to date.

Student soloists sing covers of fan favorites

Students had the opportunity to showcase their musical abilities through both covers and originals pieces. As the crowd grew larger, the soloists prepared for their performances by warming up their vocal cords or tuning their guitars, which made some audience members eager for the set to start. 

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