August 6, 2020

‘Every Choice’ training excludes men

September 1, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

Earlier this month, TCNJ Anti-Violence Initiatives sent out a campus-wide email discussing a new program called “Every Choice.” In that email, the mandatory training was described: “During the program, you can expect to learn more about power-based personal violence and how to safely and effectively intervene in situations where violence may occur in an interactive and thoughtful curriculum.” […]

Roxey aims to bring the jungle to Kendall Hall

April 29, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

“Fix your hands!”

“Watch your toes!”

“You’re a monkey — act like one!”

These exclamations and many more can be heard ringing throughout the dance studio at the Mill Ballet School in Lambertville, N.J. every weekend. It’s where Mark Roxey, founder and artistic director of The Roxey Ballet Company, can be found giving notes to a slew of cast members, ranging from little girls in tutus to professional dancers soaring across the rehearsal space. […]

Mock advocates for trans-rights

March 26, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

For the majority of students, Thursday, March 12, was a pretty normal day. It included studying for midterms and packing for home, all the while anxiously awaiting the moment they could finally begin their respite from the College for a few days.

Others, however, had coffee with the New York Times‘s bestselling author and transgender rights activist, Janet Mock. […]

Woodley leads ‘Insurgent’ with fierce prowess

March 26, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

There’s something strangely intriguing about the world of the “Divergent” series. It’s set way in the future, and the only place left in America is Chicago. The crumbling city is surrounded by a giant wall, and inside lives the only remaining citizens on Earth. They survive by living by a new set of government — one that divides its denizens into five factions. […]

The Awards Forecast: Oscars Recap

February 26, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

Say what you will about award shows, but there’s something utterly intriguing and captivating about some of the worlds finest artists coming together to celebrate each others works for one night each year. The Academy Awards are known as the most prestigious award show, and this years broadcast did not disappoint. […]

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