August 13, 2020

Fans follow fish to the end of its musical odyssey

September 15, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

After 21 years, Phish has broken up. They brought their career to an end close to where it began, Coventry, Vt., on Aug. 14 and 15. An odyssey brought us there for the second night.

By the time we arrived on Sunday night at the Newport State Airport, where the festival was held, the worst of the rain had ended. […]

Dylan live–where darkness pierces your insides

April 7, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

Introduced as “the poet-laureate of the world,” Bob Dylan came to the stage, a small 62-year-old man, clad entirely in black, with a cowboy hat perched on top of his head. At his concert at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, P.A., last Monday, he seemed to be completely unaware of the eruption that came from the crowd. […]

Dylan stands alone in greatness with new bootleg release

April 7, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

Standing alone before an enormous crowd at New York’s Philharmonic Hall October 31, 1964, 23-year-old Bob Dylan said, “Don’t let that scare you,” false-starting on “If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Gotta Stay All Night).” The concert is now available to the public for the first time as the sixth volume of his Bootleg Series. […]

Students question classes on MLK Day

February 4, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

In a prepared statement read during the open public forum at last week’s meeting of the Student Government Association (SGA), the first general body meeting of the semester, Vanessa DeJesus, president of the senior class council, voiced her disappointment with the College for what she sees as its meager recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. […]

A turning point for The Boss

September 23, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

We’re all from New Jersey here, and Bruce Springsteen is our native son. We grew up with his pure bred rock anthems, from the punch out of

“Born to Run” to the swells of his most recent release, “The Rising.” Springsteen is part of our heritage. But his 1982 release “Nebraska” signaled a departure from the typical brassy, energetic rock we’ve come to expect from the Boss. […]

Buy me that! Marketing — are we paying attention?

September 23, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

The current crop of 21-year-olds in America have been exposed to an estimated 23 million marketing messages in their lifetime, according to an article by Michael Weiss in the Sept. 2003 issue of American Demographics. That’s 3,000 messages per day. This isn’t surprising when one considers that this increasingly important demographic spends about $187 billion a year on consumer goods. […]

Quaker finds liberation within theology

September 23, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

Hanging on the office door of Alvin Figueroa, associate professor of modern languages, is a sticker that reads in bold letters, “Drama Queen.” And, yes, it would be very easy to expect a life of drama for Figueroa, an openly gay Quaker. Attending classes at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, where he studies liberation theology, Figueroa said, he feels comfortable with his spirituality. […]

Article causes dispute over TCNJ Magazine’s content

September 16, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

An article appearing in the summer 2003 issue of TCNJ Magazine, which is produced by the office of Alumni Affairs at the College, has raised the eyebrows of some alumni, according to editor Bruce VanDusen.

The article, entitled “The Jeremiads of John Ashcroft,” by Gary Woodward, professor of communication studies, was first delivered as a longer academic paper to a conference of the Eastern Communications Association in Washington D. […]

Network problems disrupt parking, ticketing procedures

September 9, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

As a result of the network problems the College has experienced in recent weeks, a miscommunication developed that caused some students to receive tickets for “lack of a valid decal” on Aug. 26.

The miscommunication between Parking Services and Campus Police occurred because of a system error, Ray Nesci, professional services specialist for Campus Police, said. […]

Organizations can supply own yearbook photos

September 9, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

In past years, student organizations at the College have had their yearbook photos taken standing against the brick exterior of the Brower Student Center.

This year, however, The Seal, the College’s yearbook, is giving groups the opportunity to provide their own pictures. […]

Gitenstein presents budget to Trustees, public

April 29, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

The Board of Trustees held a public meeting in the Brower Student Center, where President R. Barbara Gitenstein and Barbara Wineberg, College treasurer, presented the fiscal year 2004 budget plan.

The board was supposed to decide possible tuition changes for the coming academic year. […]

Why not change the system?

April 8, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

Change seems to be a difficult thing to initiate around here. It’s rare that a big change is made at the College without backlash against it. From the 1996 name-change to the construction of new buildings on campus, there always seems to be people ready to defend the principle of leaving things as they are, if only for convenience’s sake. […]

Homestar Runner and friends are a web riot

April 1, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 1

The beginning of 2002 was a dark time. My then favorite Internet comedy site, the Brunching Shuttlecocks, was stagnating. It would be weeks between updates, and there was a growing dearth of humor in my life. My friends and I, alike, become moody and dissatisfied with life. […]

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