August 3, 2020

Electro-pop yields playful tunes

November 10, 2009 Signal Contributor 0

By Shakia Mayer Correspondent With an electro-pop sound accompanied by a vibrant video projection, featured band Anamanaguchi transformed the Rathskeller into a life-size Nintendo-themed dance party on Nov. 6 at the College Union Board (CUB) […]

CUB to bid for Tucker Max

November 3, 2009 Signal Contributor 6

By Kelly Johnson Correspondent The College Union Board (CUB) stirred up controversy at the Oct. 28 meeting of the Student Finance Board (SFB), requesting $15,088.40 to bring Tucker Max, a writer, blogger and film producer […]

David Stollman to motivate club leaders

October 27, 2009 Signal Contributor 0

By Kelly Johnson Correspondent After lengthy deliberation during the Oct. 21 meeting, the Student Finance Board (SFB) approved $4,514 for the Inter-Greek Council to bring David Stollman, an expert on recruitment strategies and fraternity improvement, […]

Prof: Bible used for discrimination

October 27, 2009 Signal Contributor 0

By Lisa LoCascio Correspondent Textbooks are constantly updated with new theories, facts and politically correct terms, yet the 3,500 year old Bible, one of the most prominently used texts, has remained untouched. Michelle Stecker, professor […]

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