August 13, 2020

College is a playground for children at Child Care Center

November 10, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

It’s a rainy afternoon and half of the College’s students can be found sitting quietly in class, dreading the moment they have to go outside and brave the downpour. The other half can be seen walking across campus with gloomy expressions on their faces.

Just when it seems like there isn’t a happy soul around, a burst of laughter comes from a room in Forcina Hall. […]

Speakers question state of America’s race relations

November 10, 2004 David Rout 0

50 years later, and where are we?

In the eyes of Lani Guinier, a professor at Harvard Law School, not as far as we might think.

“Blacks and whites still live very separate lives,” she said, and “essentially, legally compelled segregation gave way to socially acceptable separation. […]

AAA kicks off Experience Asia month with FantAsia

November 10, 2004 Rebecca Scanlon 0

The Asian American Association (AAA) held FantAsia, an assortment of cultural workshops to promote Experience Asia, the November phenomenon celebrating Asian culture with events, speakers, and other workshops, Friday night in the Cromwell lounge.

Thoa Nguin, junior early elementary education and psychology major, as well as Vice President of Internal Affairs of AAA and organizer of FantAsia, estimated that more than 100 people visited the free event between 8 p. […]

Practicing paganism — it’s not hocus pocus

November 4, 2004 Christine Brozyna 0

When Will Lewis strolls around campus dressed in a Scottish kilt and flowing cape, carrying an oversized walking stick, heads turn – and he likes it that way. Lewis’ unique style has caused him to be the subject of glaring eyes, hushed whispers and confused stares around campus. […]

Learning stress management skills is key to sound health

November 4, 2004 Jessica Marr 0

Finances, relationships, sports, family, friends, schoolwork and more could give anyone an ulcer. In what’s often referred to as “the best years of their lives,” college students have a lot of things that make it difficult to balance everything that’s going on in their lives sometimes. […]

Student bikes across America to help build homes

November 4, 2004 Ben Leach 0

While many College students spend their summers relaxing at the beach or working as interns, senior health and exercise science and education major Chris Burns spent his biking across the country – and raising money for Habit for Humanity in the process.

He did so by participating in a program called Bike & Build, which teams up students from several colleges and universities and allows them to participate in the 3,800-mile cross country bike trip in order to raise awareness about Habitat for Humanity, the charitable foundation that builds homes for low-income families. […]

Graduate should not overlook importance of health

November 4, 2004 Lisa Williams 0

Finding a job, continuing with school, moving out, finding an apartment or house in which to live and making it on one’s own are all concerns of a college graduate. While these are all imporant things to be concerned about, many students seem to skirt around the issue of health insurance. […]

Music students help the world one note at a time

November 4, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

It’s not uncommon to hear about people who look for ways to help those in need, but it’s a bit less common to hear about people who are able to make a difference simply doing something they love. This, however, is just the opportunity that was given to some of the College’s music students as they participated in a “Play for Peace Perform-a-thon” at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts last month. […]

Protect your nose from a stuffy winter flu season

November 4, 2004 Tammy Tibbetts 0

It’s the kind of morning everyone dreads – waking up with a prickly throat, feeling lightheaded and sapped of energy, despite having gone to bed in seemingly perfect health. Quite possibly having caught a cold or even the flu, College students miss having Mom there to take their temperature and make them chicken soup, when they have professors, bosses and classmates expecting them to turn in papers, go to work and finish group projects. […]

Memory skills win student 15 minutes of fame

November 4, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

Christopher Turner, senior economics and statistics major, proved a perfect memory can be useful for more than test-taking when he participated in the USA Memory Championships and won third place. The win landed him a spot on the Oct. 22 episode of “The Jane Pauley Show,” which featured a program on improving memory. […]

Sibling sleepover makes college a family affair

October 20, 2004 Tammy Tibbetts 0

Meaghan Fleck spent last Friday night like any College student might: she ate a not-so-delicious dinner at Eickhoff Dining Hall, watched a movie in the residence hall and later played Dance Dance Revolution down the hall.

What makes Meaghan’s night so unusual, however, is that she’s only nine years old. […]

Commuter students experience the best of both worlds

October 20, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

In one of the many hidden corners of Brower Student Center, you can find the home of the Off-Campus Student Organization (OCSO). The small lounge, equipped with a computer, television, microwave, refrigerator and plenty of seating space is home away from home for the College’s commuter students. […]

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