July 8, 2020

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August 27, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

The tiny school district of Harrold, Texas may be the first in the nation to allow teachers to carry weapons, a policy administrators say was needed because the isolated school is 30 minutes from the nearest police station.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknowledges it will be difficult to reach a year-end target for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, but said the two sides and the United States remain committed to that goal. […]

News Bits

April 30, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Police say an Austrian man has confessed to imprisoning his daughter in a windowless cell for 24 years while fathering seven children with her. One child died in infancy and was tossed into a furnace, according to investigators.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a better chance than Barack Obama of beating Republican John McCain, according to a new Associated Press-Ipsos poll that bolsters her argument that she is more electable in the fall than her rival for the Democratic nomination. […]

Wildfire burns close to houses near L.A., 1,000 people flee

April 30, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

SIERRA MADRE, Calif. (AP) – Crews overcame a threatening flare-up during the night and worked Monday to halt a wildfire northeast of Los Angeles that has sent 1,000 people fleeing their homes.

Water-dropping aircraft were back in the air Monday to complement ground crews as more than 580 firefighters attacked the blaze above homes in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. […]

Vietnam to end adoption program with U.S. after report

April 30, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) – Vietnam is ending a child adoption agreement with the United States after being accused of allowing baby-selling and corruption, officials said Monday.

The agreement was being considered for renewal but the two sides remained far apart over revisions, said Vu Duc Long, director of Vietnam’s International Adoption Agency. […]

Pope Benedict visits ground zero

April 23, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

NEW YORK (AP) – On the day his firefighter son was lost, killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Deputy Fire Chief James Riches also lost some of his Roman Catholic faith.

On Sunday, when Pope Benedict XVI visited ground zero to pray at the site of the twin towers, he felt like he got it back. […]

Carter talks peace between Palestine and Israel

April 23, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

JERUSALEM (AP) – With his Mideast shuttle winding down Monday, Jimmy Carter picked up the phone in Jerusalem and called the Hamas boss in Damascus one more time.

Halt the rocket fire on Israel for a month, without preconditions, and gain some international goodwill, the former president said he told Khaled Mashaal, supreme leader of the Islamic militant group. […]

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April 23, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

R. Caputo is drafting legislation to prohibit those under 18 from buying super-caffeinated energy drinks and supplements.

The head of Brazil’s oil agency says a deep-water exploration area could contain 33 billion barrels of oil-the world’s largest find in decades. […]

Virginia Tech families reach $11M settlement

April 16, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

ROANOKE, Va. (AP) – Most families of victims of the mass shootings at Virginia Tech have agreed to an $11 million state settlement that will compensate families who lost loved ones, pay survivors’ medical costs and avoid a court battle over whether anyone besides the gunman was to blame. […]

J.K. Rowling sues over copyrights

April 16, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

NEW YORK (AP) – J.K. Rowling said Monday that her efforts to halt a publisher’s “Harry Potter” lexicon have been crushing her creativity.

Rowling said she has stopped work on a new novel because the lawsuit in federal court has “decimated my creative work over the last month. […]

Police invade polygamist compound

April 9, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

ELDORADO, Texas (AP) – Authorities who removed 219 women and children from a polygamist compound were struggling Sunday to determine whether they had the 16-year-old girl whose report of an underage marriage led them to raid the sprawling rural property.

Many people at the compound, built by followers of jailed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, are related to one another and share similar names; investigators said in some case they were giving different names at different times. […]

News Bits

April 9, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

A German court rejected a restaurant employee’s claim for monetary compensation after an irate customer threw a half eaten kabob at her while calling her “a stupid cow.”

A New Zealand man was charged with assault after picking up and throwing a hedgehog at a 15-year-old boy. […]

Lights out across the globe for Earth Hour

April 2, 2008 Signal Editorial Staff 0

CHICAGO (AP) – From the Sydney Opera House to Rome’s Colosseum to the Sears Tower’s famous antennas in Chicago, floodlit icons of civilization went dark Saturday for Earth Hour, a worldwide campaign to highlight the threat of climate change.

Environmental groups urged governments, businesses and households to turn back to candle power for at least 60 minutes starting at 8 p. […]

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