Saturday, June 19, 2021
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‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ shreds expectations

The new film “Velvet Buzzsaw” is caught between a quintessential chick flick and a tolerable horror film. If you take away the thrilling aspects of the new Netflix original, it’s about successful art gallery workers trying to make it big

‘Springs Eternal’ display makes splash

Although it is needed to sustain life, water is often seen as basic and ordinary — many ignore its subtle beauty, strength and the magnitude of its presence. Last week, the College decided to put this topic on display.

Student sell original works at Arter’s Market

This annual event allows students to express creativity through their art and make items they may not normally produce in their classes.

Senior exhibits evoke themes of introspection

The student exhibits of senior fine arts majors Cara Giddens and Carly Englander introduced universal themes of intrusive thoughts and long-distance relationships through thought-provoking mediums of painted clay shaped to look like black ooze and a live performance.

Exhibit details College’s ‘Trenton Roots’

When students, alumni, parents and other guests of the College walk through the lobby of Trenton Hall, they are now greeted with pieces of history that have been incorporated in the new “Our Trenton Roots” exhibit.

Seniors show off lens-based skills in exhibit

The first session of the senior solo exhibits was presented on Oct. 3 in the AIMM building. The exhibit was open to the campus and local community, and gave the two presenting artists a chance to reveal the culmination of their artistic journey during their time at the College. Their work represented aspects from the artists’ personal lives and daily experiences.

Singer revels in New Jersey roots

Students were eager to catch a glimpse of CUB Alt’s third show this semester in the Brower Student Center on Friday, Sept. 21. Opening band Free Cake for Every Creature got the crowd amped up with their indie pop tunes, and conversely, headlining singer-songwriter Mree got the crowd to unwind and relax with her indie folk music.

Students collaborate with local artists in exhibit

Half of the exhibit displays the work of students who took the Community Engaged Art class in the spring of 2018. The other half highlights the work of four local artists who visited the College to collaborate with students.

Students display holiday crafts in Arter’s Market

It was a one stop shop of fun and festive art as students lined up behind the AIMM building to walk through this semester’s Arter’s Market, hosted by the Rebel Art Movement, on Friday, Dec. 1.

Designer deviates from creative norm

Philadelphia-based graphic designer Allan Espiritu spoke to students and faculty in Mayo Concert Hall on Friday, Nov. 3, at the seventh Brown Bag presentation of the semester, where he explained his creative process, shared stories that shaped his view on art and empowered aspiring artists.

Brown Bag discusses technology’s influence on art

Artists Eddie Villanueva and Marcelo Vera spoke to students about “Incorporating Technology in the Artist’s Studio” on Friday, Sept. 22, in Mayo Concert Hall.

Senior art students showcase array of creative works

The atmosphere was full of excitement as people began lining up outside the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building at around 1 p.m. The College’s new art gallery attracted alumni, students, family and friends with an inviting “welcome” sign outside the building. Everyone who attended the reception was offered free h’orderves along with refreshments.

Artist, activist hosts Brown Bag

After a brief introduction, Allahyari stepped up to the podium and wasted no time describing her passion for art, especially 3D technology, and how she infuses activism into her work. “I am interested in the phenomena of art activism,” Allahyari said. “It’s rather about changing the aspects and culture of society through art activism.”

Speaker discusses artistic design in Brown Bag

At Go Welsh, blending life and work experiences is the core of the company. Welsh, whose career started in architecture before switching to graphic design, emphasized researching clients inspires his work along with his own experiences.

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