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Workshop provides student feedback on CAP document

SGA held a workshop meeting this Wednesday in place of the traditional general body meeting.

The topic of this month’s workshop was a Committee on Academic Programming (CAP) liberal learning document.

SGA wanted to formulate some responses to the CAP document, which will be voted on in March by the committee.

The workshop consisted of small groups that were given a copy of the document. They were also given a list of topic questions for discussion.

The groups were mostly SGA members, but there were also about a dozen attendees from the general student body.

Every group had at least one executive board member to help facilitate the discussions. The overall goal was to gather criticism and praise for the CAP document.

Jamie Gusrang, vice president of academic affairs and overall facilitator of the workshop, said that SGA was looking for “constructive feedback” on the issue.

Overall, she said she thinks it “achieved their goal.”

It also obtained many specific suggestions, which is exactly what it was hoping for.

Some of the points that were the biggest concerns were the new diversity goals, the community engaged learning programs and the new writing proficiency requirements.

Overall, there were six topics discussed within the groups.

From the information gathered at this workshop, the academic affairs committee will decide the best way to present its findings to CAP.

They are contemplating doing this using a bill or an advising document.

Gusrang said that the “goal is to have a response to the CAP document by March 1.”

Eleonora Teplinsky, senator-at-large, sits on CAP and felt the workshop provided a “good opportunity to talk with others about ideas and concerns.”

Teplinsky felt it was good that several students attended the workshop.

“It was important for the administration to see that the campus was interested,” she said.

“It shows the students care,” she added.

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