Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Stop damning the man

To the Editor,

With the prospect of war close at hand, I’ve been hearing a lot of people voicing their opinion on it. While I’m not for war and the loss of innocent life, I’m tired of the anti-war sentiment and the hippy logic behind it. I’m tired of hearing that the war is for oil and money, and that Bush is some lunatic cowboy. I’m tired of the lack of trust in our government. I’m tired of people who make opinions because they think they’re high and mighty. I’m tired of the people who stood for flower power and peace during Vietnam, the people who “damn the man”, the people who get high in their parent’s car and philosophize about God and Windows Media Player Visualizations, and the people who take stands for the sake of taking a stand. You’re opinions are immature and boring. It’s about time you take a step into the real world. I am damn proud of my country, and you’re damn right that I would go and fight in Iraq. I’d fight for the years and years of hard work that our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents built this country on, to defend my living family and the family that I plan on starting. We live like kings in the greatest civilization in the history of the world. Instead of whining, BE THANKFUL for everything that you have, the chances that you’re given, and the lifestyle you’re living. When the day is over, after you’ve eaten you’re 3 meals, and you’re sitting around in your Gap sweatshirt and you’re wearing your $80 running shoes and you’re typing on your computer to the friends you met at the college your parents pay for you to go to, don’t ever contest those whose decisions are more difficult and affect more people than any you’ll make in your entire 90 year selfish life.

John Martin

Allen 101


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