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Beer Me! TCNJ graduate and Rathskellar supervisor does it all.

Whether it’s for tuna melts, french fries or green beers on St. Patty’s day, students fill the Rat everyday for a taste of traditional College cuisine. But it’s not just the salads and sandwiches that draw in frequent customers. It is also the outgoing nature of a certain “Mike from the Rat.”

While he’s been referred to as “Rat Man,” “Mr. Clean” or simply “Rat Mike,” everybody knows Mike Davis. He has certainly made a name for himself among students as supervisor of the Rathskellar.

It is no surprise that this towering six-foot, jacked weight trainer stands out above the crowd. Not only does he have a commanding physical presence, but also a genuinely good-humored personality that has won him the admiration of many Rat customers.

He may even be the reason why many students come back to the Rat after they meet him.

According to his good friend Liz Hults, sophomore English and secondary education major, Mike is quite the heartthrob.

“Not one girl has ever walked in here and not had a crush on him,” she said.

A self-described renaissance man at the Rat, Mike does it all. When he’s not running around waiting tables or tending the bar, Mike is active behind the scenes, making sure that daily operations run smoothly.

“Though my title is supervisor, I don’t just sit in the back,” he said. “I work shifts and serve food. I pretty much do everything.”

Since 1995, Mike has been serving beers and burgers to students, and has made quite an impression. Bob Scurtz, senior history education major who has known Mike for two and a half years, describes him as a hard worker who serves his students with the best quality service and is always smiling.

Perhaps he is so happy and content in his job because Mike has found what he described as the perfect balance of business and pleasure. His philosophy, “work first, play second and have a good time while you’re doing it all,” has kept him working at the Rat for the past eight years.

Fellow Supervisor Rich Colli enjoys working with Mike because he creates a fun atmosphere but is also serious about getting the job done. Learning the value of hard work at a young age has been beneficial to Mike, who said, “I have been a man for a long time, and am proud of my accomplishments.”

Starting off as a doorman checking IDs, Mike has moved up the ranks through years of hard work and dedication. Achieving satisfaction and appreciation for his current job position, Mike takes pride in serving the students and modestly admits, “I think I do a fairly good job.”

Besides being supervisor of the Rat, Mike enjoys lifting weights and training in his free time. Recently, he has been involved in the SGA’s Lift-A-Thon, where he participated in raising money for children with cancer, a cause that he passionately supports.

“This is my home,” he said. “I take care of my students.”

After graduating from Pinelands Regional high school, Mike entered the College as a freshman in 1992. While a student at the College, Mike worked as a doorman and student manager at the Rat. In order to save money, Mike flip-flopped between school and full-time work and eventually graduated with a degree in law and justice in December 2000.

Mike is also an avid supporter of the College’s athletic teams. In his time at the College, he played as a center for the football team.

Originally from Tuckerton, N.J., Mike has bounced from place to place while growing up, but has now found somewhere that he can call home. While Mike’s future plans are to someday open up his own bar or restaurant, don’t worry. For the time being, Mike isn’t going anywhere.

He’ll continue to serve up the beers, burgers and charm with the same hardworking mentality and fun-loving personality. Cheers to you, Mike!


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