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Lacrosse’s success

The Men’s Club Lacrosse team increased its record to 4-0 with a pair of wins over the Rowan University and Delaware Valley College club teams.

“This season is a stark contrast to last season,” senior attacker Keith Glock said. “Last season, we were 2-8, and this season we are already 4-0.”

“We play with a lot more confidence and when we execute the fundamentals, we know we can be really successful,” Glock said.

The Big Blue lacrosse team, as not all club teams chose to identify with the Lion mascot, has scored 49 goals this season in four games, more than the total goals scored in last years 10 games.

The Big Blue defeated Delaware Valley College 14-3.

After senior attacker Jeff Martorana left the first quarter due to injury, freshman Jeff Lageman, who usually plays midfield, took his position as an attacker and scored five goals for the Big Blue.

Sophomore mid-fielder Chris Haggerty also led Big Blue as an attacker with three goals and four assists.

“The confidence they are showing between the incoming freshmen and the improvement of the sophomores has made all the difference in the world for our team,” Glock said.

“I was injured on Friday and Saturday, so it was good to see them step it up on Saturday, and they did a good job,” Martorana said.

Big Blue 13, Profs 4

After the Profs scored the first goal of the game, the Big Blue went onto a six-goal streak in a game, which ended with a 13-4 victory over the Profs.

Senior attacks Glock and Martorana led the Big Blue in what will be their final home game unless they host a game during the playoffs.

Glock had two goals and two assists and Martorana had three goals and two assists.

Glock also praised freshman goalie Andy Llerena, who has started every game this season as a goalie.

“He’s been wonderful,” Glock said. “He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do.”

“Obviously, you play to win,” Martorana said. “It feels good to play on the turf in front of your fans and the home crowd, and hopefully we’ll play home again in the playoffs.”

The Big Blue lacrosse team has scored over 10 goals in their last three games. The Big Blue haven’t scored over 10 goals in that many games the past two seasons combined.

Upcoming Game

The Men’s Club Lacrosse team next game is at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on April 4, at 8:30 p.m.

They also play a doubleheader at Millersville University against Millersville University and Bloomsberg University on April 5, starting at 11 a.m.


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