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Iraq is a safer place without Geraldo

Not that I needed another reason to think that Geraldo Rivera is ridiculous, but he has gone and embarrassed the field of journalism once again.

If you haven’t heard, the Pentagon asked Rivera to leave Iraq after drawing pictures in the sand of U.S. troops movements in Iraq – all of this occurring in a live broadcast on FOX News Network.

The best part is that he claimed that he wasn’t kicked out of Iraq, and that it was all rumors spread by “some rats” at NBC. Then, even better, he publicly apologized from Kuwait on Sunday night about the mistake he made.

Rivera, in my opinion, is quite possibly the biggest joke in journalism history. I think that Conan put it nicely when he said that Saddam has gone back to being the most hated man in Iraq, now that Rivera is gone.

What Rivera did poses an even bigger controversy for the media and the field of journalism, especially in a time of war. I don’t think that journalists should be bigger than the news they are supposed to be reporting.

If reporters do become the news, it should be for something seriously newsworthy, for example, the recent death of longtime correspondent David Bloom.

Bloom’s death was sudden to many of the people following the coverage of the war, and his passing was worth noting.

Plus, should just any person who calls him or herself a journalist be able to travel with a division of the armed services in a time of war? Hell, I have written articles and consider myself something of a journalist. Move over Rivera, I’m coming to take your place in Iraq. At least I think I would know not to draw sand pictures for the enemy to know where to find us.

Rivera was more of a celebrity in Iraq than an embedded reporter. Did anyone else notice how clean and groomed he was, even though he complained of not showering?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an assistant and an agent on assignment with him.

Rivera was also one of the very few embedded reporters that actually carried a firearm while in Iraq. While networks like NBC, CNN and CBS are open about not allowing their reporters to carry arms, FOX didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

I guess you just can’t feel safe enough surrounded by an entire division equipped with missiles and guns. I mean, its not like he should have expected danger being in the middle of a war.

I honestly don’t care about Rivera’s journalistic past. To be a credible reporter, you need to keep your reputation in tact in order to expect any kind of respect.

My advice to Geraldo: go back to talk shows and commercials on daytime television.

I am sure even Saddam was happy to see you leave.


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