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Sodexho hears feedback on Carte Blanche system

Representatives from Sodexho Dining Services attended the SGA meeting on Wednesday to gather input on its proposed Carte Blanche system.

The carte blanche system is an “all you care to eat” dining program that is being considered for implementation next year. It was sampled at the College in February.

SGA members offered suggestions on the program. Ema Puskas, vice president of the senior class council, was concerned that with this new program students couldn’t leave with food, which could be a problem for the many students that are always “on the go.”

While this was a concern for many, members did agree that they were happy with the unlimited access part of the program.

Joe Ganci, Sodexho district manager at the College, said that students could also expect to see an influx of “a higher-level of qualified staff,” if this program is implemented. He added that there may be more managers up front as well.

When asked about the excessive amount of waste that was generated during the two-day sample program, Steven Hugg, Sodexho marketing director, responded that it was common to see at first, but was not likely to continue throughout the year.

Sodexho will use the suggestions and comments when considering the new program, and will most likely make a decision for the upcoming academic year.

Debrorah Compte, chair of the Cross Cultural Experience Taskforce, asked for comments or suggestions from SGA members on a proposed program that would “afford each student a cross cultural experience during college.”

It would also connect with some aspects of what the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) has proposed.

During the open public forum, Tracy Lomax, treasurer of senior class council, gave a speech urging fellow SGA members to put the internal issues of the SGA aside and collectively do the job that they were elected to do. Lomax said “we call ourselves the umbrella organization, yet do not put other organizations before us.”

Her speech, which reminded members of some of the things the SGA has accomplished in the past, was well received by other members.

John Titus, Meagan Johnson and Jaclyn Kotler were welcomed into the SGA at the meeting, all with a unanimous vote of 42-0-0. The three new members are now official associate members of the SGA.


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