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Student projects to be showcased in celebration

With student work ranging from computer programs to poetry, there are few who will not find something of interest at the upcoming Celebration of Student Achievement.

The event, now in its sixth year, serves as a showcase for students at the College who have done exceptional work over the past two semesters.

Last year, approximately 500 students participated in the Celebration and coordinator David Venturo, associate professor of English, is expecting a similar turnout this year.

“The Celebration is a very exciting event and it offers an opportunity to appreciate the accomplishments of students,” Venturo said. In his third year as an adviser, Venturo strongly encourages faculty and students to support their friends and peers who will be presenting.

The event will include paper and poster presentations, panel discussions, artwork and invention displays.

Students from the department of technological studies will present projects such as an aqua-culture fish-feeding system, a virtual dining experience using projection equipment and an invention designed to help the elderly move up and down stairways.

Those attending the event can also expect to see poster presentations from engineering students on self-replicating robots and the desalination of water using alternate power sources.

Phi Kappa Phi honor society will present five award-winning projects.

Graduate students from the education department will give a presentation via the web from southern Africa.

The Celebration will be held on April 30, from 12:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. Venturo said that a program specifying the times and locations of the presentations will be available within the coming weeks, both in paper copies and on the Internet. All of the main venues will provide refreshments.

The process to submit to the event began in late January, when a faculty liaison from each department was given registration forms to be made available to students. In order to present their work, interested students needed a faculty member to sponsor their project. Upon finding a sponsor, students submitted the registration form to Venturo.

Venturo said that faculty and students involved in the event will get feedback from those who attend. He will make improvements based on these suggestions for future celebration events.


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