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Free Fat Joe tickets, SAF funds Union Latina events

On Thursday, Fat Joe and the Terror Squad will perform in Kendall Hall. This event, which is free with a College ID, was organized by Union Latina (UL). It has been sponsored by Student Activities Fees alloted by the Student Finance Board (SFB).

Of tickets, which have been on sale since last Thursday, 529 of an approximately 600 available seats have been distributed.

“(Union Latina) is doing a phenomenal job this year,” Craig Gross, SFB chairperson elect, said.

According to Gross, UL had not organized many programs in the previous academic year, but this year, “they have many great ideas.”

From 2002-2003, SFB has funded UL events that included a lecture by actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, a free BBQ, comedian Alex Ortiz and author Junot Diaz.

Jocelyn Charlon, treasurer of UL, said that she feels SFB has funded many of these programs this year because, “some are educational – they’re not all just entertainment.”

“They are coming back with activities that are creative and that the campus has been happy with,” Gross said.

“I’m going to see Fat Joe, so I’m looking forward to that event,” he added.

Gross added that from what he has heard, UL events generally have good turnouts.

“They are going pretty quickly,” Charlon said.

“It should be a good show,” she added.

Barbara Pereda, Latino Awareness Celebration coordinator, said that she is proud of her organization.

“This event in particular has been one the whole organization has taken responsibility in,” she said.

“In such a short time, with the manpower we have, we are going to pull off a successful event,” she added.


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