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How to become a devout sports fan

Life as a fanatic fan can be hard work, and the true test comes when your favorite team is losing. Being a sports editor and a trained journalist I learned you have to remain unbiased in your reporting. However, it’s hard to remain biased when you are obviously going to root (secretly if necessary) for your school’s teams to win.

Certain rivalries occur among high school friends who all go off to different universities and colleges. I have suffered greatly from these, despite the fact that our College has an amazing athletics program.

As I said in a previous commentary, I have seen the Lions football team lose to the Rowan Profs three years in a row. After every loss, my Prof friend Leigh would make fun of me. She’s a cheerleader, I’m a reporter, do we really have any power over the events of a football game? Of course we don’t – but it’s fun to argue.

The College has several amazing teams, all of which are worthy to root for. I was an extremely cocky fan last year when the Lions women’s basketball team went to the New Jersey Athletic Conference championships last year.

When they lost to Rutgers University-Camden, I was mostly angry that my friend Tara has the bragging right to instant message me with disparaging remarks about the College whenever she wants.

As a fan, you suffer the losses with your team and I encourage all true fans to show your support with pride.

Every year after our football team loses to the Profs, I sneer at Leigh and say something to the effect of, “there’s always next year.”

As a fan of the Chicago Bears, I’ve said ‘there’s always next year” for my entire life. As a fan of the College’s football team, I hope I won’t have to utter those words much longer.


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