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Nothing is too queer for pop culture’s eye

Tuesday night is always a very exciting night at my house. Not because we don’t have class on Wednesday (because we all do), but because the best show on television is on.

Normally, I watch very little TV, ranging from CNN in the morning to my strange obsession with VH1 shows. Oh, yeah, and “Sex in the City,” of course.

It all changed when Bravo Network introduced “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

Now, I am not advocating every show on Bravo, because I believe that “Boy Meets Boy” was a total disaster and extremely harmful to the gay community.

But I do believe that “Queer Eye” is on the positive side of the spectrum.

For those of you who do not know the premise of the show, (and have been living under a rock for the past few weeks), it all starts with a straight guy who needs a makeover.

The hetero enlists the help of the “Fab Five” to aid him in turning over a new leaf and changing his look.

What makes the show so amazing are the guys who make up the “Fab Five.” Each guy brings something different to the table.

My friend James and I are literally scouring the New York City area’s clubs to see if we can meet these guys. (We have lives, really.)

I have never wanted to be someone’s friend so badly after I watched a show and saw Carson, the ringleader and fashion guru of the group.

Never will you hear the word “couture” out of someone’s mouth so much.

Next is the total bitch of the crew, Thom, the interior design master. What is so great about Thom is that he might be super mean and a total dick, but he’s funny and so awesome at what he does best.

Jai is the event coordinator of the group. Usually the straight guys go on the show because they have a big night planned and need the “Fab Five” to help coordinate it.

Jai’s dancing talents have been catching on in the clubs – I witnessed a signature dance move just this week at a club in New Hope.

The show wouldn’t be as satisfying without hair expert Kyan. Kyan might be the hottest man alive. I am not joking.

I have always thought of men discussing emulsifying hair products as a total turn on.

Lastly, there is Ted, the personal favorite in my house. At first glance, Ted appears to be the dork of the crew, but he is the most hilarious.

Plus, Ted is the food and drink expert. (The best part is the food and liquor, don’t you think?)

After reading several reviews about this show, I came to the conclusion that “Queer Eye” is not a negative impact on the gay community.

I can see why critics would complain that the show might enforce stereotypes, but after watching a show, it’s very obvious that all of the “Fab Five” are just being themselves.

Stereotypes are being reinforced in every other show as well.

On any given night, you can see stereotypes of white suburban families, African Americans, teenagers and pretty much any other group you can think of. There is no escaping it.

“Queer Eye” has been everywhere: in newspapers, magazines, daytime and late night shows and even network television. This is a major hit, not just in television, but in pop culture.

The gay community is spreading like wild fire, and this could mean a step towards something bigger.

I always believed that one of the major reasons people did not support gay rights is because they did not understand gays and lesbians or were afraid of them.

Well, they can begin to understand things better when the gay community is better integrated into society.

The straight guys on the show set an amazing example of how accepting straight men can be. These guys ask to be on the show, and are usually so touched by the changes the “Fab Five” have given them, they are nearly in tears.

I think that if this show does anything, it breaks down the stereotypes of what most people assume straight men to be.

It is very reassuring to know that there are enough straight men out there that can be comfortable with themselves. And I thought they were an endangered species.


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