Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Sodexho resurrects Carte Blanche to provide student options

Sodexho will be experimenting with the Carte Blanche system again this semester, according to senator at large Brian Mulvihill. Sodexho will be meeting SGA representatives to discuss students’ opinions of last semester’s Carte Blanche trial.

Vice President of Student Services Sara Potter is planning for two SGA fundraisers that will take place at the end of the semester.

The events will include a battle of the bands and a coffeehouse event where students will be able to perform music and poetry.

Potter said details are forthcoming.

Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs Marco Zelaya announced that SGA will vote on the constitutions of four new student organizations next week.

These groups are Ink, the Aero Design Team, the Table Tennis Club and the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team.

Also, Vice President of Community Relations Becky Alimena said SGA will participate in Community Fest on Oct. 11.

According to Alimena, SGA members will attend the event, where they will help children paint pumpkins.


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