November 26, 2020

Oscars Preview — Best Costume, music and art

February 11, 2004 Scott Napolitano 0

As we end the first quarter of February, the Oscar race is finally beginning to heat up. Studio execs are doing everything within their power to sway Academy voters to pick their “masterpiece” as the year’s best. Press junkets are more numerous than primaries at this point (and it seems the candidates for the Oscars this year have almost as difficult a time as the Democratic presidential hopefuls). […]

Absence of vocals in ‘devil isn’t red’ is hella good

February 11, 2004 Bill Whitehead 0

I couldn’t tell you how many articles I’ve read over the last two years that predicted the White Stripes would be the next saviors of mainstream rock ‘n’ roll. It seems as though the same journalists who had once lured thousands of adolescent suburbanites into buying Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit records have now turned their attention to the greener pastures of garage-rock land, once they discovered Fred Durst was balding under that ridiculous Red Sox hat of his and Chester Bennington was about as bubble gum as Mandy Moore. […]

Boyd, Incubus please fans with new material

February 11, 2004 Kristen Broek 0

Incubus is a band that I cannot live without and their fifth release, “A Crow Left of the Murder,” does not change my opinion. Their unique sound once again shines through even with the addition of new bassist Ben Kenney, formerly of The Roots.

The new album is explorative, but all their albums seem to possess some quality of exploration. […]

Madonna, JT look hot but Christina, as usual, does not

February 11, 2004 John Kell 0

At most award shows, the eclectic taste and trendy style of the stars dominate the results of the actual award show. However, at the 2004 Grammy Awards, most of the fashion choices were simple and even conservative.

Grammy award winner Christina Aguilera stood out for her fashion choices, remaining consistent with her poor outfit choices in the past. […]

OutKast and Beyonc? shake it like a polaroid picture

February 11, 2004 Diana Ling 0

I think many people would agree that awards shows are pretty boring, not to mention relatively irrelevant.

I don’t care that much about who wins, because it won’t change my opinion of what I like or don’t like, and the acceptance speeches just make my eyes glaze over. […]

Savion Glover brings noise, funk to Kendall Hall

February 11, 2004 Donna Kardos 0

Were it possible to see music, it would look like Savion Glover’s body gyrating to his own taps and the rhythm emanating from his every extremity. The unremitting fluidity of his body shows music is as much alive in his dreadlocks, fingertips and elbow joints as his toes. […]

Letter to the Editor: Just another day off?

February 11, 2004 Andrew Bordieri 0

Let me start by saying that the importance of who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and the message he conveyed opened the eyes of this nation. In a society where sadly his dream has not yet come to fruition and is often forgotten, we need to take the time to reflect upon the issues he fought so passionately for. […]

Letter to the Editor: Catholic vs. Liberal

February 11, 2004 Anthony DeCarlo 0

As a Roman Catholic student, I found the lead editorial in the Feb. 4 edition of The Signal to be very insulting and the latest attack on conservative values by the liberal “hacks.” The author’s obsession over the agreement that students must sign at Azusa Pacific University is totally unwarranted. […]


February 11, 2004 Ryan Fehr 0

To the Editor, I would like to congratulate Mr. Esposito on his wonderful article last week, criticizing the democrats for their inability to choose a presidential candidate while the republicans remain “firmly entrenched” around President […]

Lions fall to 1-6 in conference

February 4, 2004 Andrew Grant 2

After a hard-fought losing effort in their last conference game, the Lions hoped to change their fortunes against a top conference opponent in Rowan University. The Profs had other ideas.

In a battle of offenses, the Profs overcame the Lions, 93-82, to win their 11th game in their last 12 tries. […]

Bjorus breaks tie with technical fall

February 4, 2004 Lindsay Scarborough 0

At 285 pounds, sophomore Keith Bjorus broke the 19-19 tie against Montclair State University (MSU) to bring home a win for the College on Thursday.

A technical fall cost MSU the 24-19 match in the heavyweight bout. Bjorus capped off a thrilling day on the mat, which saw MSU come from behind to tie the match before the final rounds. […]

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