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Letter to the Editor: Reactions to food, gov’t and campus authorities

To the Editor:

After reading the paper last week, I had to respond.

First, Carte Blanche sucks. Those in Sodexho that say that they surveyed the students and received overwhelming support for it are just lying. I don’t know anyone that likes it or doesn’t think it’s overrated, and I’m a senior with the benefit of all points.

Second, SGA is a big joke, but we knew that already. Screw them.

Third, Campus Police is a bunch of rent-a-cops who think they have more authority than they really do. You guys aren’t nearly as important as you would have yourselves to believe. If my girlfriend was scared of getting assaulted and requested a police escort, and these “policemen” said, “Nah, we can’t do it, we have to ticket your car instead because it’s a few feet over the white line,” I can guarantee that I would be kicking some serious ass at the station. If she got raped, and called you for assistance, and you said, “OK, we’ll be there in 20 minutes, just as soon as we finish jerking off to this ‘Cops in Robbers’ porno” … I’m guaranteeing you all lose your jobs.

Now, Bush is a terrorist. Just because he’s our “president” doesn’t mean he’s any better than Bin Laden or Hussein. Also, how do you go from a surplus to the largest deficit in American history? How do you completely alienate a world that was universally on our side after 9/11? How dare you use 9/11 for your own political agendas?

On the other hand, I just can’t bring myself to vote Kerry. That man has as much personality as a bowl of warm tapioca pudding and my instincts tell me he would be a very weak president.

It looks like I’ll be undecided till Election Day.

Daniel Wilburn


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