Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Simon Cunningham’s Weekly Humor Article

Since its first appearance, I’ve loved reading the “Weekly Humor Article with Simon Cunningham” for its wry wit and subtle jokery. But this past week’s article, concerning the legalization of marijuana, not only gave me mild entertainment, but also filled some gaps in my knowledge. I’ll admit it; I’ve never smoked anything, including marijuana. So I’m not particularly well versed in matters of the pot world. In this case, my libertarian holdings lead me to believe it should be legalized. But this is not a discussion of my beliefs; it is a showing of my appreciation of Simon Cunningham. As I was saying, his article brought to light knowledge about pot culture. It brought me to finally realize the term “chronic”. Can you believe it that I’ve sat through the hilarious “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” twice and didn’t know the meaning of the word? All the allusions to “Chronic and Blunt Man” escaped me. And now thanks to THE Weekly Humor article, I can now more fully appreciate Kevin Smith’s film genius. Thank you, Simon Cunningham; I’ll continue to anxiously await your articles each week!

~Christine Pennacchio


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