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SFB allocates funds for big acts, denies Chabad funding

The Student Finance Board (SFB) appropriated most of its extra $56,000 this semester to the high volume sector of the budget at its Sept. 7 meeting.

The new funds are from a $10 Student Activity Fund increase. Putting them in the high volume sector of the budget will allow the College Union Board to attract big acts.

“Everyone wants to see big- name performers,” Julia Pratt, executive director of SFB, said. She projected a $40,000 increase in high-volume funding.

SFB also allocated $4,020 for the Loop Bus. Demand for the bus is high. Thirty students rode on the first run. With increased funding, the bus will be able to make trips Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, leaving campus at 6 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. and returning at midnight.

Suspending its bylaws, SFB motioned to place the remaining $12,000 of extra funds in Special Appropriations.

SFB’s manual stipulates that the remaining 20 percent of the funds should go toward Multicultural programming. However, there is already $60,000 in multicultural programming, and there was demand for Special Appropriations in the past.

Finalizing the budget, SFB motioned to place $40,000 in high volume, $4,020 in the Loop Bus fund and $12,000 in Special Appropriations. The budget is pending approval by the vice president of Student Life.

Chabad, a traditional Jewish organization based around community service, outreach and awareness of the Jewish faith, was denied funding. Chabad received Student Government Association recognition last year.

SFB raised concerns about the College’s ability to have more than one Jewish organization on campus and the club’s policies on open membership and co-sponsorship.

Chabad only invites members of the College’s Jewish community to join, a limitation that agitated some board members.

“Everyone should be able to feel comfortable going,” Jocelyn Charl?n, senior representative of SFB, said.

Chabad’s constitution originally stated that executive board members must be male and Jewish. The proviso is part of this particular sect of Jewish faith. The constitution was amended, however, after SFB would not provide funding to a club without open membership.

Additionally, board members did not believe co-sponsorship would exist between JSU and Chabad.

The motion to provide zero funding for Chabad was passed 9-3.

SFB also elected three new representatives, senior mathematics and statistics major Martin Halldorson, freshman political science major Terence Grado and freshman finance major Leonardo Acevedo.


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