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SGA approves Manhunt Club, hip-hop dance team

The constitutions of two new clubs, the Manhunt Club and Flow Hip-Hop Dance Team, were approved by the Student Government Association at its meeting Sept. 14, making the clubs official organizations of the College.

The Manhunt Club, which gives students the opportunity to play manhunt and other games such as capture the flag and jailbreak, is open to all students of the College.

According to Chris Rindosh, the club’s president, the club has met informally several times and has attracted as many as 150 students to play manhunt.

Kamaria Byrd, president of Flow Hip-Hop Dance Team, hopes to “reach out and grab the whole College community” and will hold tryouts once every semester to select members.

The club already has performed at several events sponsored by the Black Student Union (BSU).

Sodexho’s contract renewal, which extends the College’s contract with the food service company for two more years, was also discussed.

Jasmine Charl?n, executive vice president, announced that she will speak to Dining Services and ask why students weren’t more involved in the decision.

Mollie Seiferas, vice president of student services, spoke about the ’24-hour’ section of the library, which is currently open to students until 2 a.m. rather than 24 hours a day.

As a result, many students have expressed disappointment that they cannot make use of one of the New Library’s original selling points.

Blair Gumnic, vice president of administration and finance, announced that the College is no longer subscribing to because the Web site started charging students to access their own records.

She discussed the matter with faculty from the computer science department and there are plans to create a similar database to log and compare students’ grades from various courses and professors.

The database will hopefully be up and running for next semester.

Seiferas said the New Library will be open 24 hours a day during finals, just as Brower Student Center has been for the past several years.


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