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Town may charge for parking

Cars across Ewing could become subject to annual parking fees due to an ordinance that was passed unanimously Sept. 28 by the township’s council.

The regulations were brought up by citizens of Ewing who were concerned about the use of rental property in Ewing.

In order for a street to require permits, 60 percent of the residents on a street or block must sign a petition, which the council then reviews.

If the petition is approved, every house in the specified area will have to pay $2 a year for two full-time permits.

Residents will also receive two guest passes, which are each good for 30 consecutive days of parking at a time.

Houses will also have to pay an extra $1 per year for any additional cars beyond the default two, up to a maximum number determined by the number of residents in the house.

Despite the unanimous vote, some council members voiced concerns about the ordinance.

“I vote yes, but I have some reservations,” Ewing Township Council President Kathleen Wollert said to The Times of Trenton. “I understand people’s frustrations.”

Rice discusses war at Princeton

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Princeton University Sept. 29, delivering a speech on how the United States must remain in Iraq, and that it should not leave it in the hands of insurgents.

“This is not some grass-roots coalition of national resistance. These are barbaric, merciless killers,” Rice said, according to the Associated Press.

Her address honored the 75th anniversary of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, which educates and trains diplomats.

The school is traditionally liberal, making it a key place for the Bush administration to gain face in the wake of low approval ratings and criticism over the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Rice’s speech highlighted the Bush administration’s fight to bring democracy to the Middle East, which Rice said was a moral obligation for the United States.

“Any champion of democracy who promotes principle without power can make no real difference in the lives of oppressed people.” Rice said, as reported by the Associated Press.


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