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SFB establishes new conference request policy

At last Wednesday’s meeting, the Student Finance Board (SFB) established a new conference request policy: funding $50 per person for each conference request.

The policy was made as a result of tabled motions from last week regarding the funding of a National Black Association of Student Accountants (NABA) conference.

“We’re going to start setting a precedent from now on about what we’re going to do,” Kobi Wilmot, director of External Relations, said.

The board passed a motion 12-3 to give NABA $50 per person for the conference, contributing a total of $250 for five people.

Concerns arose when the Professional Nursing Organization of Students (PNOS) requested funding for its conference in Kentucky. Because of the distance, some members thought the board should suspend bylaws and give PNOS more than just $50 a person.

Other members, however, stressed the need to be consistent and follow the policy just established.

“I don’t see this as anything different than the NABA request,” Jon Borst, administrative director, said.

The conference “has to be extraordinary” for SFB to suspend its bylaws, Wilmot said.

Ultimately, the board voted 12-3 to give PNOS $50 a person for a total of $250.

The also heard Deaf and Hearing Connection’s request, tabled from the previous week, to bring the Gallaudet dance troupe to the College.

Delta Zeta sorority told the Deaf and Hearing Connection that it could contribute a maximum of $500 to the event, allowing SFB to deduct that amount from the initial request.

The board passed a motion 12-3 to give the Deaf and Hearing Connection $2,017.

Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a new community service fraternity, received zero funding for its budget request.

The fraternity has raised over $600 through fund-raising and receives $50 in annual dues from each member, $25 going to the national chapter and $25 for the local organization.

SFB members questioned how APO is different than the other community service organizations on campus. APO’s goal is to combine service with fun, its members said, noting that other service-based clubs leave the “fun” aspect out.

“If the only thing that makes them different doesn’t require funding, they don’t get funding,” Julia Pratt, executive director, said.

Some board members felt that APO could have added the social aspect to the existing clubs instead of simply beginning a new one.

“It’s not our job to keep adding new organizations,” Wilmot said. A motion for zero funding passed 13-2.

The Asian American Association (AAA) received funding for its “Experience Asia” month, which features a series of events aimed to share Asian culture with the College campus.

AAA had a total of seven events in its request. SFB passed separate motions to fund each of AAA’s events except for its “True Colors” discussion, because the author asked AAA to purchase copies of her book prior to the discussion, a request that unnerved some SFB members.

The motion to provide zero funding for the “True Colors” event was passed 10-5.

In the end, members agreed that AAA would have the six other equally valuable and funded events without “True Colors.”

Individuals for Diversity, Equality Awareness in Learning (IDEAL), whose goal is to spread awareness of students with differing abilities, also received funding for publicity events aimed at boosting membership.

The board passed a motion 12-3 to give the club $225.

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