September 21, 2020

Lions Around the Dorm

December 5, 2007 Signal Editorial Staff 0

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, folks! Welcome to the Fall 2007 Around the Dorm Championship. In a battle of the staff writers, we have No. 7 Steve Cohen, No. 8 Bobby Olivier and No. 3 Justin Jez competing for the prestigious title of AtD Champion. […]

Buckeyes, Tigers head to BCS title game

December 5, 2007 Signal Editorial Staff 0

(AP) – After flopping as the favorite last season, the Buckeyes plan to enjoy life as the slighted in this season’s BCS championship game.

A date with LSU at the Superdome awaits the Buckeyes, who are hoping to find redemption in New Orleans on Jan. 7 after struggling in last season’s national title game against Florida. […]

Pumping iron with the stars

December 5, 2007 Steve Cohen 0

What do Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs, Tiki Barber, formerly of the New York Giants, and Ronde Barber of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have in common?

Along with being multiple Pro Bowlers, they all work out with famed strength trainer of New Jersey Joe Carini. […]

Monarchs and Spartans fall to Lions

December 5, 2007 Steve Cohen 0

The wrestling team fared well this week, improving to 3-0 on the season against King’s College last Wednesday and giving a solid showing at the Spartan Invitational hosted by York College on Saturday.

The College trampled King’s College 43-6.

In the latest National Wrestling Coaches Association Division III poll, the Lions are ranked eighth. […]

Lions tally three victories on the week

December 5, 2007 copress 0

After going 2-1 to start the season last week, the Lions took three straight contests, including one by as many as 29 points.

The 29-point victory occurred on Saturday in Washington, D.C., as the Lions easily took down the Cardinals of Catholic University 78-49. […]

Paul supporters create misguided ‘revolution’

December 5, 2007 Bill Conlow 0

They are persistent. Their intellect isn’t fully developed. And they crave attention. No, I am not talking about children. I am talking about Ron Paul supporters, and they are everywhere.

They have written Opinions pieces for this paper. They have haphazardly placed bumper stickers in declaration of their support for the “Ron Paul Revolution. […]

CNN should retake media ethics 101

December 5, 2007 Matt DeLuca 0

On Nov. 28, CNN and YouTube hosted a debate between the Republican candidates, who were asked various questions by YouTube users.

However, it turns out some of these candidates had a hidden agenda. According to CNN, its staff went through around 5,000 submissions and at least eight (out of 40) of the video questioners had varying degrees of allegiance or ties to Democratic presidential candidates. […]

Apathy in students erodes civic identity

December 5, 2007 Brian R. Hackett 0

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, we have been told that Islamofacist terrorism is by far the gravest threat that our country faces in the 21st century. While I fully recognize the danger posed by this threat and agree that we must do all in our power to stop it, something far worse is threatening the core of our democracy. […]

Common sense supports gay marriage

December 5, 2007 Paul Harris Jr. 0

There has been much consternation over allowing members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) community marriage rights. Not too long ago, there was discussion of a Constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. […]

Survey asks for student, faculty driving patterns

December 5, 2007 Matt Lawyue 0

The College took its first steps last week toward completely eliminating its greenhouse gas emissions. A survey for faculty and staff was posted on the College’s Web site to determine the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions the College produces due to ground transportation. […]

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