September 23, 2020

Outlandish poetry fills prof’s new book

March 7, 2007 Rebecca Suzan 0

It is no secret that Catie Rosemurgy, assitant professor of English, loves words.

She teaches courses in creative writing and poetry and acts as the faculty advisor for ‘ink,’ the College’s student writers organization. Rosemurgy is also in the process of writing her second book of poetry. […]

TMT knows ‘How to Succeed’ on stage

March 7, 2007 James Queally 0

It was a story about one man’s ascension to become a captain of industry. A tale filled with romance, corporate backstabbing and a small army of businessmen and women cowering in fear of one overbearing aristocrat with an outrageous haircut and the power to belt out the phrase “You’re fired!”

No, I’m not talking about “The Apprentice. […]

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg… for Higher Education

March 7, 2007 Signal Editorial Board 0

On Thursday, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a forum on the state budget and higher education. SGA members prepared a PowerPoint presentation and went step-by-step through the ways budget cuts from Trenton have hurt the College. The turnout was pretty impressive: There were about 75 people in attendance. […]


March 7, 2007 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Stop complaining and take action

We all have something to complain about. Whether it is about something as trivial as our roommate waking us up with their alarm or as awful as three exams on one day, we all do it. Life happens, we complain and then we deal with it. […]

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