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‘Boss lady’ says bye-bye

I put off writing my goodbye until the last possible minute, probably because I don’t want to face graduation and don’t like writing about myself. But, with my classes finished and the last Signal on the stands, I guess it’s time to start saying goodbye.

First, I have to say farewell to Eickhoff, which fed me for two years and housed me for two more. I’ll miss you dorm, though I won’t miss the food all that much.

Bliss Hall, I want to thank you for housing me for my journalism, classics and literature classes, which I’m going to miss in the boring ‘ole working world.

Brower Student Center, thank you for your tasty veggie wraps, your overpriced bookstore, your 500 entrances and your basement, where I spent more Monday nights than I care to think about.

Bye to Travers 8 and Ely 3, where I learned what it’s like to shower with shoes on and walk down the hall in a towel.

Oh, wait. Isn’t there a saying about people being most important?

Well, the obligatory gracias goes to Matt Fair for assigning my first stories as a meek, over-enthused freshman and dealing with me when I called obsessively over articles that didn’t matter much. Without such a good editor, I know I wouldn’t have stuck with it; so you can blame him if you hear me talk about The Signal too much.

I definitely need to give special props to my children, Allie and James (it’s alphabetical, don’t fight), who helped me get through my year of Arts & Entertainment with a support system I couldn’t have done without. I wish you two the best and I know you will kick major ass; I did train you, after all. Being “boss lady” was so much easier with your sweet ass journalism skillz and you both made the job worth every second.

Obviously I can’t name everyone, but I want to thank the Signal-ites for making it such a fun, but weird place to put together a paper. I’ll never be able to get the ridiculous inside jokes out of my head.

Upper management, you make quite the pair, and the office would be a lot less interesting without you. Sarcastic, witty news duo, I am going to miss you for your humor and your pretty Page Ones. Sports boys and Features putas, I’ll miss you! John, my Travers 8 floormate and Signal co-worker, it’s been awesome knowing you for so long, I guess.

To the A&E writers, reviewers and copy editors (past and present), thank you for dedicating your time because without you, there’d be no A&E section.

While I’m at it, I want to thank some of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. My hooches, Annie and Jess, I love you and we will be taking the world by storm with our sexiness post-graduation, for sure. Heather, I expect that we will be spending a lot of our jobless summer touring North Jersey diners. Lauren, it was surely fate that we both registered for the same FSP; I’ll be listening to you on the radio forever and ever.

Jon and Nate, we will always be neighbors 4 lyfe, even when we’re all living in different states. It’s going to be so weird not being the third roommate! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when we no longer share a wall.

And finally, to my roommate Eve; thanks for being awesome. Talk about fate; I never thought that one train ride together would make us two-year roomies, co-workers, travel companions and fianc?es.


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