October 29, 2020

College Democrats back in action

The College Democrats are making a revival.

Their president, Alex Berger, said the group went under a few years ago due to lack of interest. He said when he first came on campus as a freshman earlier this year, he wondered where the College Democrats were.

Now, Berger says the group has about 15 to 20 members and will continue growing.

“It seems like it’s either apathetic or Republican,” Berger said. “We’re trying to be the opposite end of that.”

One of its first activities as a club was to hold a mock Democratic primary last Thursday.

Barack Obama won the mock primary with 352 votes, beating Hillary Clinton’s 157. Berger said that at times there was even a line to vote in Brower Student Center.

“A lot of people missed our presence on campus,” he said. “They were interested to see.”

He said it is in the College Democrats’ constitution that the club can declare whom the College officially endorses in the Democratic primary.

Later this month, a coronation ceremony will be held by the Democrats to officially declare Obama the College’s Democratic candidate of choice.

Berger said the group will also put on voter registration drives with the College Republicans and possibly a debate.

Terence Grado, president of the College Republicans, said hia group is fine with the College Democrats coming back to campus and would be willing to work with them.

“They will certainly help facilitate political discussion at (the College,)” Grado said. “While our parties don’t agree on every issue, we have much more in common with them than some of the more radical political organizations already present.”

The College Democrats will also be holding a “Why be a Democrat?” campaign explaining the values and views of the party and recruiting members.

He said they have also been working with the Progressive Student Alliance.

Berger said that although many people have expressed interest in the club, there have been some negative reactions. He said that during the primary the group was called “Communists” twice and other people have taken a “what’s the point?” attitude.

“My group has been frustrated,” Berger said. “There’s such, such, such apathy.”

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