September 27, 2020

Housing applications to be completed through PAWS

Students were able to log in to PAWS (Primary Academic Web-based Services) for the first time on Monday,.

The new system is replacing TESS and SIS as the official student administration system and will hold all student information.

Students will also have to go through PAWS to apply for housing for the Fall 2009 semester.

To apply for housing, all interested students must log in between Mar. 2 and 4 p.m. on Mar. 6 to the myTCNJ portal and open PAWS, which can be found under “Tools.”

Students will then need to open their MyHousing Management accounts to fill out a housing application, as well as make a $100 deposit.

This deposit can be paid via electronic check, or credit card. Visa will not be accepted.

The deposit can also be paid in person in the Student Accounts office in Green Hall, but this will result in a delay of application and payment confirmation.

By 4 p.m. on Mar. 13, the housing lottery cutoff and room selection time slot will be posted on each student’s MyHousing Management account. Students will also use MyHousing Management to choose roommates.

Only other students that have also made the cutoff are eligible to be roommates. Certain campus residences allow for more than one roommate to be chosen.

On Mar. 18, proxy forms are due for housing assignments. These forms must be filled out so in the event that the group leader, or roommate with the best housing selection time slot, is unavailable at the time of room selection, a substitute may be sent instead.

Between Mar. 19 and Mar. 25, an online room selection help desk will be set up in Eickhoff Hall to assist students with choosing residences.

Actual room selections will take place between Mar. 23 and Mar. 27, and students will depend on their given time slots for making selections.

Students who did not make the cutoff will be able to view the housing waitlist on Mar. 31. As soon as spaces become available, housing placement will start.

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