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What are you doing?

The Signal staff has mixed opinions on Twitter, the social network “microblogging” service sweeping the nation. Each editor Tweeted their opinion, found below. What’s yours? Tweet at us: www.twitter.com/tcnjsignal.

Twitter expanded our Ann Coulter coverage. Those who couldn’t attend followed in real time. It’s also allowed our reporters to crowd source.
-Joseph Hannan, Editor-in-Chief

Twitter is the future. I like being concise and specific in 140 characters, plus following Anderson Cooper and Ellen. What are you doing?
-Megan DeMarco, Managing Editor

I thoroughly regret some of the people I’m following. I also don’t need to know how drunk you were this weekend. Otherwise, it’s fine.
-Kelly Duncan, News Editor

It’s cool. Facebook is better. Also, I feel bad when people follow me and I don’t follow them back.
-Diana Bubser, News Editor

I’m a fan because I can read the headlines from the NYT, indulge in celebrity lives (Rainn Wilson!) and find out what my friends are doing.
-Kristen Lord, Features Editor

I don’t care if you’re “watching TV” or “napping,” but I’m still a fan. I’ve found job opportunities and been reminded of looming due dates.
-Allison Singer, Final Copy Editor

I’m already deeply rooted in Facebook, so I don’t think Twitter is really necessary for what I use it for (chatting with friends).
-Tim Lee, Photo Editor

I think it’s great as a non-cluttered way to keep up with friends & for following interesting ppl & news but it can get overwhelming and distracting.
-Kelli Plasket, Web Editor

The non-users weigh in (in 140 characters):

“I have reasons for not having a Twitter. I already have too much shit. I don’t need something else.”
-Caroline Russomanno, Arts & Entertainment Editor

“I don’t have the time or energy to follow what other people are doing. I don’t care enough to go to a Web site every couple of hours.”
-Bobby Olivier, Sports Editor


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