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‘3-for-3’ comedy show features crudity

The 3 for $3 comedy show at Kendall Hall featured Andrew Kennedy (left), Esther Ku (center), and headliner Ronnie Jordan.
The 3 for $3 comedy show at Kendall Hall featured Andrew Kennedy (left), Esther Ku (center), and headliner Ronnie Jordan.

The promise of cheap but quality entertainment lured freshmen and upperclassmen alike to Kendall Hall last Thursday. The College Union Board’s (CUB) “3 for $3” Comedy Show provided a stirring start to the fall semester with a lineup of noteworthy comedians.

Headliner Ronnie Jordan, who has previously appeared on HBO’s “P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy,” immediately garnered interest with “the joys of being a heavy-set black man.”

Jordan couldn’t keep the crowd quiet as he described every detail of how guys spend their time when their roommates are gone. He also let women in on some of the biggest secrets of manhood: pooping, porn and masturbation.

In a climactic ending to a hilarious set, Jordan mimed his love affair with his personal kryptonite — a honey bun that had sat in his pocket the entire time.

Esther Ku, a finalist from NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” was the most surprising comedian out of the bunch. With her hair in pigtails, a pink t-shirt and short brown skirt with brown leggings, it was hard to tell if she was a comedian or someone’s 8-year-old daughter. The crude content of her jokes, however, dispelled any doubt of her age.

Though she actively engaged the crowd, she drew more gasps than guffaws for her sexual exploits. Ku hit a snag in her set with an out-of-tune guitar, which she replaced with Gordon’s guitar, also out-of-tune. After stalling, she sang an entire song about her love for “self-love” to Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

Junior accounting major Andy Flexon said, “Ku was awkward … but fit the campus well. She had the most adult-themed humor.”

MC Brant Gordon opened the night praising White Castle Chicken Rings (“it’s like farting in God’s mouth,” he joked) and a song inspired by Jason Mraz. With a small guitar and fedora, the Seth Rogen look-alike sang, “Hey Lady,” a song dripping with sexual innuendos.

Steve Rossi performed a 10-minute warm-up set, which was a disappointing follow-up to Gordon’s antics.

Although he didn’t have big shoes to fill, Andrew Kennedy established the tone for the night after Rossi.

Kennedy proved his claim to number 12 on Comedy Central’s “Top 20 Stand-up Showdown” with a set that touched on his bi-racial background. His British father enjoys driving away from the cops while being pulled over, only to correct their grammar after being  pulled over a second time. Kennedy’s peculiar variety was entertaining, especially his impression of a Spanish soap opera.

Freshman political science major Steve Schwarcz enjoyed the entire event and “is definitely going to see more comedy shows at (the College),” he said.

CUB’s next comedy show will feature Michael Ian Black in Kendall Hall on Sept. 21.


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