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Ewing Police confiscate fraternity member’s computer, student: ‘we’re smoking pot’

cop shopEwing Police confiscated computer equipment on Friday Nov. 6 from an off-campus house occupied by members of fraternity Sigma Pi Theta Delta chapter. According to Lt. Jerry Jacobs of Ewing Police, the situation is currently under investigation and no arrests have been made.

Carlos Rosado, president of Sigma Pi, offered comment on the incident, “The issue that you are referring to is one of a personal nature related specifically to an individual from which the organization has disassociated. We have cooperated with the authorities in every way possible and will continue to do so. We cannot comment further out of respect for that individual as this is an ongoing investigation.”

Two females were found smoking marijuana at 6:05 p.m. on Monday Nov. 16, in the woods behind Travers and Wolfe Halls, according to Campus Police. When Campus Police asked what the females were doing, one replied, “We’re smoking pot.”

Two intoxicated males entered a female’s room and asked if she wanted to go outside and smoke weed at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday Nov. 18, in Cromwell Hall, Campus Police said. The female declined and contacted Campus Police.

Upon arrival, three males were spotted outside of Cromwell Hall. When they saw Campus Police, they ran inside. After searching the building, the three males were found in a lounge. They all denied involvement.

A bicycle was stolen between 5 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 17 and 1:15 a.m. Wednesday Nov. 18 from outside the New Library, according to Campus Police.

The victim said he left his bike unsecured and returned to discover it was missing. He searched campus, but to no avail. The bike is valued at approximately $200.

A black flat screen computer monitor was stolen between 12 p.m. Friday Nov. 13 and 10 a.m. Tuesday Nov. 17 from a room in the basement of Cromwell Hall, Campus Police said. The director of Campus Media Services (CMS) said he was working on a work-related matter on the computer, and the computer was in place when he left the room on Friday, Campus Police said.

According to Campus Police, four males used a pocket knife to cut a 25 foot length of bamboo tree from campus to knock down a branch, which was hanging over their driveway at 10:45 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 15 on Crescent Ave. They were issued a summons for criminal mischief.

An unknown person stole video game equipment between 4 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 15 from a lounge in Cromwell Hall, Campus Police said. The equipment is valued at $500.

A security officer found a male staggering into Travers Hall at 2 a.m. on Sunday Nov. 15, Campus Police said.

When Campus Police arrived, the male was lying face down in his bed and smelled of alcohol. He said he drank three or four beers at an off-campus house.

Lions EMS and Pennington Road EMS arrived and transported the victim to Helen Fuld Medical Center for further treatment. He was issued a summons.

An unconscious male was found lying on a bathroom floor covered in vomit at 6:25 a.m. on Saturday Nov. 4 in Hausdoerffer Hall, according to Campus Police.

Lions EMS and Pennington Road EMS arrived and transported him to Capital Health Systems at Mercer Medical for further evaluation and treatment. Residential Education and Housing was on the scene, documented the incident and went to the hospital with the victim.

According to Campus Police, a purse was found at 10 p.m. on Saturday Nov. 14, on the side of the road west of the Green Lane Fields. Campus Police tracked the owner of the purse through a New Jersey vehicle registration found inside of it. The female was then contacted and said she left the purse in her car, which was parked in Lot 8. An inspection of the unlocked car revealed that a Garmin GPS had been stolen, and various items had been taken from the glove box and put into the purse, which was then deposited on the side of the road.

An American Eagle wallet and dormitory keys were stolen between 4 and 4:45 p.m. on Friday Nov. 13 from the Packer Hall weight room. The victim said he left his wallet and keys on a shelf in the weight room and, upon his return, discovered they were missing. He searched the area to no avail. The wallet and its contents are valued at $39.

A victim came to Campus Police at 2 p.m. on Nov. 12 to report a harassment from Oct. 6. The victim also said he signed a complaint in Ewing Township Court on Nov. 12.


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