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The Rat welcomes: Alien Father

Alien Father performed at Student Band Night. (Jess Davis / Staff Photographer)
Alien Father performed at Student Band Night. (Jess Davis / Staff Photographer)

By Julia Corbett

Contrasting types of rock and alternative music accompanied by lively personalities took the Rathskeller stage on Tuesday Oct. 5 during the College Union Board- sponsored Student Band Night.

Alien Father took the band night up 10 notches in volume and energy, causing vibrations to run through the floor with every strum of the bass.

Lead singer and senior communication studies major Dave Hallinger proclaimed his band to be “the loudest band in Mercer County.”

Alien Father formed five years ago and is comprised of Hallinger, keyboardist and sophomore music major Curtis Regian, drummer and sophomore music major Mike Topley, and Connor Meara, who joined the band a month ago.

Headbangers and dancers created a circle around the foot of the stage as Alien Father performed original songs including “Battery Two,” “Giants Bedin” and “The Misanthropes.”

“The melodies in the songs are quick and then they (are) slow, resulting in a good mesh of sounds,” Freshman English major Ryan Rousseau said.

With influences like Nirvana, the Pixies and horror filmmakers like John Carpenter, Topley described Alien Father’s genre as, “avant garage.”

Topley said, “We enjoy making music because it’s awesome. It brings all of our friends together.”

Following Alien Father, I Have Been Floated played punk/alternative songs, including “New Mexico Ghost,” “Alternate Submarines” and “Waling in the Desert Song.”

The band consists of bassist and senior English major Chris Yaple, lead singer and guitarist Brian Mcldendon, guitarist Tan Everett and drummer Alex Zilinsai.

The band has been together for seven years and is greatly influenced by Skinny Puppy.

The newly formed The Associated Professor Newmans opened the show.

The self-proclaimed electronic rock/alternative band, comprised of junior psychology major Cassidy Bartolini on bass and drummer Daniel Cummings, performed covers including “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill and original pieces, such as “Winona Forever.”

Though she has been playing guitar and various other instruments for years, this was Bartolini’s first time performing.

Bartolini said before the performance, “We’re excited. This is a good first show for us. A lot of our friends are going to be here.”



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