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Acoustic conclusion to Decaf

Tomm Hart, junior international studies major, played original songs. (Jess Davis / Staff Photographer)

WTSR presented the third and final installment of its “Decaf” series in T-Dubs last Thursday, Nov. 4. The three acoustic solo acts created a mellow atmosphere for diners and drew in a crowd of friends and fans.

Senior secondary education and English major Joshua Holland started off the night with a number of covers, including Bright Eyes, Simon and Garfunkel and the White Stripes. He joked that, for Halloween, he and his girlfriend had dressed up as the White Stripes.

“No one got it. It was funny, though,” he said.

Holland, who said he typically prefers to play drums rather than the guitar, usually plays covers.

“I’m really bad at writing my own songs,” Holland said.

Junior international studies major Tomm Hart experienced a few difficulties with his guitar during his set.

“I skipped class to practice … (karmic) debt, one of my strings broke,” he said.

This “(karmic) debt” came back to haunt Hart later when a string broke in the middle of a song, bringing a round of applause from the audience. Despite these setbacks, he was able to play a number of original songs. Hart is no stranger to the Decaf series, having performed with his band Green Paper back in September.

Junior journalism major and Signal News editor Matt Huston rounded off the night. Like Hart, he has played a number of shows at the College, as well as some outside venues. Huston, who has been playing guitar for roughly six or seven years, performed a mix of covers and original songs with confidence.

Alec Plasker, sophomore communication studies major and WTSR Promotions Director, was happy with how the night turned out.

“This event always gives me a boner,” he joked. “Each performer was as good as the last. And we definitely had more people here than last time.”

WTSR’s next event will be a Battle of the Bands competition on Nov. 19 in the Brower Student Center.


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