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Joining in holy Ratrimony

Bride and groom dance to sounds of the JK Band. (Photo Courtesy of Kate Stronczer)

Love was in the air at the Rathskeller on Friday, Nov. 12 as the Mixed Signals, the College’s improvisational comedy troupe, performed a mock wedding ceremony to remember at the College Union Board-sponsored event.

Guests arrived at the “Ratrimony” to find the venue dressed up for the occasion. Confetti and tulle covered the tables, and bubbles and disposable cameras were on hand for those looking to get into the spirit of the evening.

Before the event began, the Mixed Signals mingled with the crowd, thanking diners for attending and arguing amongst themselves, all the while staying in character the entire time.

In typical Mixed Signals fashion, the wedding was a far cry from the average marriage ceremony.

Senior finance major Jeff Mondoro and junior women and gender studies major Liz So “exchanged vows,” with the groom promising “not to call out another woman’s name during sex.” These vows were followed by a prolonged kiss that had the mother of the groom, Jill Hernandez, senior philosophy major, referring to her new daughter-in-law as a “whore.”

The Mixed Signals performed short skits throughout the rest of the night, one where So thanked her absent family and friends for all of their love and support. Toasts were offered to the bride and groom, although these didn’t carry the usual sweet sentiments. Steve Avigliano, senior English major, played a bitter best man, while Dan Loverro, sophomore biology major, was a godfather with his own father issues, and Hernandez ended her toast by calling So a “mail order bride.”

Between acts, the JK Band performed, acting as the wedding band for the night. Described on its site as “a joy machine,” the band played a mix of wedding classics and modern hits to get the crowd moving.

So and Mondoro danced their first dance as “husband and wife” to “Let’s Get it On” and were quickly joined by diners looking to dance away the evening. Standout numbers included the B52s’ “Love Shack,” B.J. Thomas’ “Hooked on a Feeling” and Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”

The Rat was crowded with dressed-up students swept away by the energy of the show.

The dance floor was packed throughout the night.

The night ended with the JK Band covering Bob Marley’s “One Love” as the last dance. Guests were free to take a piece of wedding cake as they left, ending the reception on a sweet note.


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