October 22, 2020

Campus Style

Joe Montes (left), sophomore biology and economics double major...Amanda Costanzo (right), sophomore biology major

What are you wearing?

Amanda: A top from H&M, a skirt from Buffalo Exchange that I got for $18, black tights and Dolce Vita boots from Nordstrom.

Joe: Super skinny Levi’s, a necklace from H&M, this ring is from Turkey and I got this jacket from Zara in Spain. We went to Spain together in July of 2009, and they had Black Friday sales going on. This jacket was over $100, and I got it for $25.

So you two were close before coming to the College?

Joe: No, we weren’t friends in high school. We became close on our school trip to Spain when we started going shopping together.

Amanda: We bonded over our love for fashion. We definitely talk about fashion together more than any of our other friends do.

What inspires your look?

Amanda: I’m inspired a lot by what others are wearing. If I see someone else wearing something that I’ve seen in a magazine but didn’t think I could pull it off, I’ll try to find it in a different color or cut that I think might look good on me. I also read a lot of fashion magazines … Bazaar, Elle and Vogue.

Joe: I look at a lot of online fashion websites, like lookbook.nu. A lot of places that (the people on the website) get their clothes from don’t ship to (the United States), so I’ll try to look for something similar in stores here.

How would you describe your style?

Amanda: It’s kind of eclectic. I try to follow trends sometimes, but if I see something and I think I can incorporate it into my own wardrobe, then I buy it.

Joe: You stole my answer. If I like it and I think I can pull it off, it’s mine. I also like darker colors, they makes things look more simple.

What do you two think of the “hipster look” that has run rampant in recent years?

Joe: I definitely approve of that whole trend. I think people pull off the “not trying look” when they do try, though.

Amanda: Some people pull it off better than others. I feel like hipsters try to incorporate a piece of clothing into their wardrobe that isn’t mainstream, like a shirt that they wore in second grade, and try to make it work.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing?

Joe: Definitely a basic for me is a pair of nice jeans. I work at Kohl’s, and for as unfashionable as it is, they sell Levi’s and I get them for 50 percent off … so, thanks Kohl’s.

Amanda: I have a high-waisted black mini skirt from Buffalo Exchange that goes with everything.

Are there any pieces that you’re eying for this upcoming season?

Amanda: Lace-up boots.

Joe: I want a camel-colored trench coat. I saw one at Ralph Lauren over the summer that I loved.

How would you rate the overall stylishness of the College’s community?

Joe: You see so many people who blatantly don’t try and you know that they just rolled out of bed and came to class in sweats and an oversized (College) sweatshirt. You would never catch me dead doing that. There is a definite lack of awareness to what’s going on.

Amanda: I feel like this is a typical college campus, so obviously you’re going to see a mix of styles. I do see a lot of people who put outfits together well and inspire me. This isn’t (the Fashion Institute of Technology) where everyone is really fashion conscious and walking around in their heels.

Kristen Kubilus can be reached at kubilus2@tcnj.edu.

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