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Career Center schools students on resumé-building

Jennifer Cason of the Career Center ran the workshop. (Tom O'Dell / Photo Editor)

By Courtney Moses

Only four brave students ventured out into the rain and harsh winds on Wednesday, Dec. 1, to attend a resumé workshop held in Forcina Hall in room 226.

“You are the type of students who will get the jobs, because you actually showed up,” joked Jennifer Cason, the Career Center worker who ran the workshop.

Cason began by asking the students, all of whom were education majors, what they were looking to accomplish with their resumés. The general consensus was that they were all aiming to attain student teaching positions.

Cason provided some helpful hints on writing an effective objective, which is –– following name and contact information — the first component of a resumé.

“The secret to writing a great objective is to know yourself and what skills you can bring to the table,” Cason said. These skills, Cason explained, should be reinforced in the body of the resumé.

Cason said it is also important to list, in detail, any experience in the area of the desired position, as well as any interests that are relevant or that will make applicants stand out to a potential employer.

Also emphasized was the layout of the resumé, which Cason said is just as important as its content.

“Aesthetics really do count,” she said. She suggested putting one’s name in a larger font than the other text. “You are the star of your resumé.”

Cover letters were also briefly discussed. Cason said applicants should “keep it short and simple” by including the reason for contacting the recipient and what the applicant can offer.

The workshop ended when a student, Kristie Jameson, junior education major, said she was having trouble figuring out exactly what to put in her resumé. Cason offered her individual assistance to Jameson and anyone else who would like to stay.

Three of the four students who attended the workshop had to complete their resumés by Friday , Dec. 3, to apply for a student teaching internship. Student Kate Goldberg, junior education major, said the workshop was “very helpful” in preparing her to complete her resumé.


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