September 21, 2020

Campus Style

By Carly Koziol

Vasanth Kotamarti
Sophomore Biology Major

What are you wearing?

A grey J.Crew cardigan, a navy blue J.Crew polo, Gap jeans, Doc Martins and an old Coach belt stolen from my dad’s closet. It was falling apart, so I knew he wasn’t going to wear it anymore anyway.

Where do you like to shop?

Usually the Zara at Bridgewater Mall or J.Crew. I’ll also hit up Goodwill by (the College) every so often. I always look at either shirts or suits at Goodwill because you can always find some really good things if you search for it. I don’t have a problem with wearing things others used to wear, like my belt from my dad 10 years ago.

Have you found other goods in your dad’s closet?

My dad used to always have to dress up for work, and I found this Burberry suit that he bought 15 years ago that he never wears. That suit and a few of his others are a little too big for me, so I plan on taking them to the tailor.

Are you satisfied with the clothing selections available to men in stores these days? Why or why not?

For the most part, I keep it simple so I don’t look for anything too extravagant. In terms of the stores near me, things are pretty mundane. If I want something interesting, I have to go to NYC. I’ll walk down Broadway and throughout the Soho area shopping the stores there.

Has your style changed much since high school? If so, what was cause for the change?

Yes, it changed a lot because I went to a prep school, and we had a dress code. If I wasn’t in dress code, I was in a T-shirt and jeans. In high school I was never up for dressing well. By the time I was no longer required to be in uniform and left for college, I started paying attention more and getting better at it.

What inspires you when getting dressed on a daily basis?

I guess just dressing for the weather, especially as of right now, but doing it in a way that still makes you look interesting.

Do you have a word that you think defines your style?

A unique routine.

Is personal style/fashion important to you? Why?

It is because we are in a society where we look at people and instantly judge them.

As a member of Greek life, your style stands out. Does your fraternity have an opinion as to your choice of attire?

Yes, by now I have the reputation of a person who is overdressing for everything and has to look good. I’m kind of taking it in stride.

Do you find Greek life shirts as an infringement upon your own personal style?

Sometimes, because I don’t wear too many T-shirts so I’ll wear them occasionally. For the most part I keep my t-shirts for working out and that stuff.

How do you feel about the men’s section of Forever 21?

I went a year and a half ago in San Francisco. I walked through it once, but I can’t really remember what was in it too well.

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