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Björk, Dirty Projectors and whales, oh my!

By Shannon Junior
WTSR Assistant Music Director

It seems like an unlikely duo, but together the Dirty Projectors and Björk really do bring music composition to new artistic heights. The music on this album is no less than magical; it features the angelic vocals of the female DP members and the eerily smooth voice of Björk, all of which blend to form sounds like whale noises and crashing waves. The clever lyrics feature mother and baby whales as the speaking voices, expressing their frustrations with current environmental issues.

Although the music as a whole is somewhat awkward, which can be expected with this vocal combination, there is a certain artistic elegance in that awkwardness which sets it apart from other music of the same genre. Not to mention, the philanthropic spirit of this album is undoubtedly something to be admired, as 100 percent of the proceeds are going to marine wildlife conservation charities.

Focus Tracks: “On and Ever Onward,” “Beautiful Mother,” “No Embrace,” “All We Are”


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