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Cheap Seats: Get ready for a wild ride

As a St. Louis Rams fan, it’s safe to say that I was pretty disappointed with this year’s NFL regular season.

The NFL playoffs are taking off. (AP Photo)

My team sucked, the 49ers (who a good friend of mine is a fan of) took off, and I was generally disinterested with all things non-fantasy football as far as the season was concerned.

Even the storylines were kind of boring. Tebowmania was fun, but other than that, there weren’t really too many things in the NFL that gripped me this year.

Yeah, the Packers almost went undefeated. There’s always one.

The NFC East, which is normally so entertaining, fell flat on its face when all of the teams decided to be barely better than average.

The Jets didn’t make the playoffs. What kind of playoffs is it without the Jets mouthing off constantly?

But the past couple of weeks, all of that has changed. The playoffs have been absolutely phenomenal this year. The blowouts haven’t been that prevalent, and the tight games have been pretty common.

Who would’ve seen the Denver Tebows beating the Pittsburgh Steelers? I know I didn’t. I kept wanting to believe they could win, but I couldn’t even talk myself into that concept. And then it happened.

This week we were treated to the spectactle that was the Saints-49ers showdown. I hate that it wasn’t the Rams in that situation, coming out of the NFC West, but damn, that was quite possibly the best playoff game I have seen in the last five years. I was rooted to my seat for every play.

The coolest part is, I think the best is yet to come. Ravens-Patriots? Giants-49ers? Bring it on.

Although I do find myself missing the Jets this year, particularly Bart Scott. Why is that? Well, it’s because I … can’t wait!



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