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Limelight: The Grammys & Whitney Houston

Adele stole the show during Sunday’s Grammy Awards while Chris Brown made a comeback to the show after the Rihanna abuse scandal. The late Whitney Houston was honored during the ceremony. (AP Photo)

I have a few gripes about this year’s Grammys.

Don’t get me wrong — I applaud Adele’s sweep, winning six out of six awards, including Album of the Year. And I’d have a lot more issues with the show if she had lost.

As much as I loved her rendition of “Rolling in the Deep,” however, why did she perform only one song?

Strong and simple, yes — especially which compared to Nicki Minaj’s demonic disaster (more on that later) — but I would have rather seen a medley of her music. Some “Someone Like You” or “Rumor Has it” would have been great, or her recent single “Set Fire to the Rain.”

Nevertheless, she sounded and looked marvelous, and I couldn’t have been happier for her. Standing ovations were well-deserved.

Someone that was not worthy of the stage, though: Chris Brown.

Not only did he perform, but he also won a Grammy at the Sunday night ceremony.

Three years ago, he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna before the show. I’m surprised this man was even allowed to show his face in that place.

Another anomaly was the fact that LL Cool J hosted. It’s nice that they brought back a host for the first time since 2005, but where is his relevance today? I can’t take anyone seriously whose name is an acronym for “Ladies Love.”

In his introduction, he mentioned that the show was the 54th annual, and deemed it “music’s biggest night.”

He also acknowledged the Feb. 12 passing of Whitney Houston, occurring only a day before the show, and began with a prayer.

Houston, an N.J. native and music megastar, was no stranger to award shows or musical honors during her 48 years.

Jennifer Hudson’s homage to Houston was touching and powerful. She sang“I Will Always Love You,” likely Houston’s best-known ballad. I would have deemed the performance perfection — if only it had served as the show’s closing.

While some may have thought the Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl rock collaboration was a fitting finale, it was not my cup of tea. Still, I’m fine with the show ending in this way; I just wish Nicki Minaj’s performance did not happen after Hudson’s.

Her eccentric exorcism — complete with dancing priests and chants about Roman, one of Minaj’s alter-egos — was over-the-top, even for those who are no stranger to typical Gaga numbers.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, for someone who strives on standing out, her black mesh facemask didn’t even compare in outlandishness to Minaj’s Little Red Riding Hood-esque ensemble. We didn’t see much of GaGa, and sadly it wasn’t until the end, when Album of the Year nominees were announced, that I realized I missed her.

Still, Adele definitely deserved her awards.

While the Grammys may have had its lows, there was something for everyone. Whether indie Bon Iver taking Best New Artist or the Beach Boys coming out of nowhere, and Taylor Swift playing a banjo, it was an eclectic evening.


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