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DeLorenzo’s famed pizza brings the juice

I’ve eaten a lot of pizzas in my life, but until this past week I had never really had a “famous” pizza (unless you count Domino’s and Papa John’s. They are on TV after all).

That all changed this week when I had DeLorenzo’s Pizza from just over in Trenton, which was recently featured in Parade magazine as one of the top pizza destinations in the Northeast (Are you aware of how many pizza places there are in the Northeast?!).

I ordered over the phone, and I decided that just a plain pizza would be the best gauge for how good the place was.

A Parade magazine favorite, DeLorenzo’s Pizza delivers with deliciously chunky tomato sauce, cheese and crust that’s just thin enough. (Alex Wolfe / Sports Editor)

When I ordered, the guy on the phone said it would be ready in 25 minutes, so I left after about 10 to go pick it up. I got there about 15-20 minutes later and my pizza was all hot and ready for me.

Before I get into the pizza, however, I have to talk about the place itself. The restaurant is fairly small, with booths lining the outside walls and tables down the middle. The cool part is, this place doesn’t take credit cards. It’s all cash, and run with an old-school typewriter-looking register at the back of the restaurant. The door to the kitchen is open too, so you can kind of see what’s going on behind the scenes.

When I got to the register, my pizza was $15 even. That was pretty cool too. I guess it’s either under the table or they figured out pricing with tax included. Either way, it’s a bit much for just a cheese pizza, but based off of this place’s reputation I had my hopes up.

When I got my pizza home, I eagerly popped the box open. Maybe it was just that I was starving, but that pizza looked delicious. So without any haste, I dug in.

The pizza definitely covered all of the bases for a good pizza, but I’ll start with the sauce. There was plenty of it, and I’m glad there was because it was delicious. There were some chunks of tomato still in it, and it had a sort of sweet quality to it — they didn’t try to drown it with garlic and herbs, basically.

The crust didn’t disappoint either. If you’re into thinner crusts, this place is for you. It was just bready enough that I felt like I was eating a pizza and not a cracker with sauce and cheese, but thin enough that it didn’t taste like a loaf of bread. My only complaint was that it did seem a little burnt in places, but that kind of added to it in its own special way.

As far as the cheese, there was a good amount. There’s not too much else to say about the cheese. Cheese is cheese.

So, overall, it was a very good pizza pie. I don’t know if I would say it was the best I’ve ever had (like everyone, I’m very attached to my hometown pizza place), but it was really, really good.

Come back next week for another enlightening food review from Alex Wolfe.

DeLorenzo’s Pizza


1007 Hamilton Avenue

Trenton, NJ


Sunday –  Monday:  Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 11:00am – 1:30pm; 4:00pm – 8:45pm

Fri: 11:00am – 8:45pm

Sat: 3:00pm – 8:45pm


(609) 393-2952

Ratings (out of five):

Sauce: *****

Crust: ****

Speed: ****

Cost: ***

Atmosphere: *****

Total: 21/25


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