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Bait bikes nabbing thieves on campuses

Infractors looking for a free ride should beware, because a new online series is looking to expose bike thieves.

“To Catch a Bike Thief,” a new online series being put out by Sweet Currant Productions and web producer Ingo Lou, will be targeting bike bandits by placing “bait bikes” on college campuses.

“I think on the whole the web series is meant to be part education, part entertainment, part documentary,” Lou said.

The show premiered on Monday, April 2, and the studio held a premiere party that included a lock-cutting contest in which participants raced to be the first to cut a bike lock and win the bike it was attached to. Lou said this was to raise awareness for just how easy it is to cut a bike lock.

While the first few episodes are taking place in Canada, Lou hinted that next might be the west coast and the show is looking to broaden its horizons.

“We’ve talked to a couple of colleges in Canada, but we found that our show, at least the trailer for our show, became quite popular in California and in particular San Francisco because there’s a very strong and very vibrant bike culture,” Lou said.

The first season will consist of six webisodes, but according to Lou the show has already been inquired about by TV big shots.

“We’ve had some really early and unexpected interest from a production company that specializes in creating reality TV,” Lou said.

Last summer served as a test period for the show’s creators, when they placed DIY bait bikes in different locations to test their concept out.

Those interested in checking out the premiere episode can check it out on


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