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The chicken was good, but the fries clucked

I wanted to (as usual) try something new this week, but unfortunately, after almost four semesters here I’m starting to run out of ideas. So, for this week’s review, I gave a place that I had a previous bad experience with another shot.

That place is Purple City Pizza/Cluck -U Chicken. The last time I ordered, it took well over an hour to get to me and the food was cold. But that was in the past. I’m a forgiving man.

I pulled them up on GrubHub and placed my order — there was a cool chicken sandwich (“cluckwich”) special where you could get a sandwich, a side and a drink for $7.50. The best part is, there’s no delivery minimum, so whatever you order they will deliver.

Quick delivery and a solid meal make Purple City Pizza/Cluck-U Chicken worthwhile, but avoid the fries at all costs. (Alex Wolfe / Sports Editor)

I ordered the Original Cluckwich with a side of mac and cheese. I also ordered their Mega Fries (cheese, bacon and jalapeños) since I thought that sounded good.

Delivery didn’t take long at all (although the delivery guy couldn’t find my house and called me). My food was actually hot, so they were off to a good start.

I sat down all ready to eat, and then my dad calls me from Missouri — My dad, who I don’t get to talk to that often. Naturally, we were on the phone for like 40 minutes and my food got cold (no complaints, however. Always nice to hear from my dad). So guess which reviewer got to do a really thorough reheatability review this week? This guy.

First, I reheated the cluckwich. I decided that trying to reheat lettuce and tomato would be nasty, so being the savvy reheater that I am, I just took the top half with the chicken and cheese and reheated that. It actually heated up really well. The chicken was nice and juicy on the inside, but really crispy on the outside. And there was a lot of chicken, like a good amount filling more than just the area of the bun.

Next I took on the mac and cheese (which for all intents and purposes, I will lump in with the “entrée” section since it was part of a meal). It was good. It wasn’t the best mac and cheese I’d ever had, but it certainly wasn’t bad. It just could’ve been a little cheesier.

Last, I reheated the fries in the oven for a few minutes. Honestly, the fries were pretty awful. They used liquid cheese, which I’m not totally opposed to, but it just didn’t taste all that great. The jalapeños were huge slices, seeds and all, which I’m not a huge fan of. And the bacon pieces were pretty few and far between. Disappointing for something that sounded so good.

Overall, my experience with Purple City/Cluck-U was pretty good, save for the fries. I’ll definitely give them a ring again.

Come back next week for another enlightening food review from Alex Wolfe.

Purple City Pizza/Cluck-U Chicken


1632-E North Olden Avenue


Sun. – Wed. :  11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Thurs. – Sat. : 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.


(609) 278-1616

Web orders:

Find them on

Ratings (out of 5):

Specialties: **

Entrée: ****

Speed:  ****

Cost:  ****

Reheatability: *****

Overall: 19/25


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